Intelligence Analyst Imprisoned for Tipping-off a Friend

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An intelligence analyst at the North West Regional Organized Crime Unit (NWROCU) was jailed after admitting she informed her friend's husband that he was under investigation.

Natalie Mottram

Natalie Mottram, 25, was sentenced to 45 months in prison at Liverpool Crown Court. Mottram's sentence stemmed from her work as an intelligence analyst for NWROCU during Operation Venetic investigations. Investigations revealed that Mottram was sharing information on the operation with EncroChat users.
Operation Venetic was based on information acquired from law enforcement's ability to monitor communications made through EncroChat. In the course of the operation, the investigators established that intelligence information from the operation was being leaked.
The investigators made the discovery on April 24, 2020, after an unnamed suspect messaged another EncroChat user and told them that he had received information about the platform's infiltration by LE.
The unnamed suspect also messaged a second suspect and said, "I no a lady who works for the police. This is not hearsay. Direct to me. They can access Encro software. And are using to intercept forearms only at the moment. There software runs 48 hours behind real time. So have ur burns one day max. And try to avoid giving postcodes over it. Her words was are you on Encro, I said no why, I only sell a bit of bud. She said cool just giving you heads up. Because NCA now have access. But she wouldn’t lie."
The investigators later established that Mottram had been giving 39-year-old Jonathan Kay, information about the operation.
After suspecting Mottram, the investigators asked her to analyze false intelligence on Kay, on June 12, 2020, and placed her under surveillance.
Mottram left work and went to Kay's home later that day. She let herself in with a key the couple had given her and waited for Kay's arrival. Kay arrived in the evening, and Mottram gave him the bogus information.
On receiving the information, Kay's wife called an unnamed suspect. Kay and the suspect met later at a car park and talked for 20 minutes.
The investigators arrested the suspects later that day and seized £200,000 in cash from Kay's home.
Mottram pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office, perverting the course of justice, and unauthorized access to computer material at Liverpool Crown Court, on August 18, 2023. Kay pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.
Kay was sentenced to two years and six months in prison on November 3, and charges against his wife dropped.
Mottram was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison.

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Such a nice job like that and she shits on it. There is no helping some brainded fuckers these days.


she is a true hero.


Lession of all this: If you feel bad snitching on friends, don't become a swine! ACAB!!


I seen this picture before hand, the other article, are they not repeating the same fucking story again and again?

Senator Tom Cotton 2023-11-11

They’re giving an update on what the sentence ended up being

Free Palestine2023-11-10

It´s ridiculous to post such a photo of Natalie Mottram. Oooohhhh I got caught. Such a picture should be shown to the judge and not to us readers of this blog. We have luck if we ourselves did not use Encrochat. Why should anybody use such a service at all? Everyone thinks that this Darknet is only used for criminal activity and not for cool Internet stuff. What are we expected to post as comment? A little orientation would have been nice. Don´t use Encrochat? Make a face when you´re caught?

Nuke Palestine2023-11-12

Notice how no drug supply was seriously damaged by the Encrochat bust? We need to legalize all drugs. Do your part you bastards.


With a name like that you deserve to be off your drugs. Sure you don't know the first thing about Palestine, you cunt.

Orange Randy2023-11-13

Nice job fellas...time & money spent on weangling up some pot smokers with the money they've left over from putting up a few thousand more male ' refugees' in nicely furnished apartments right in your neighborhood.

STOP Snitching2023-11-30

WTF is wrong with these governments?!? I'm sure that she saw that they were about to tear apart a family - punish good people over pot - a victimless crime where users are willingly purchasing and using SMH. I think that giving a heads up to someone you know is a good person about to be caught up in a fkd up situation is purely HUMAN NATURE! 45 months is overkill imo.