Insufficiently Franked Package Leads to Arrest in Germany

~1 min read | Published on 2018-10-18, tagged Drug-BustDrugsOPSEC using 137 words.

German authorities intercepted a package of amphetamine to his home address in Tuttlingen. Like many darkweb drug buyer arrests, this one involved a package that lacked proper postage.The Press Release
Police have arrested a man who ordered a package containing narcotics at his own address. The 25-year-old had ordered amphetamine using the darkweb, a press release from the Police Headquarters in Tuttlingen revealed. The vendor who mailed the package failed to apply enough postage to send the package to the destination address, causing the package to “return to sender.”
The sender was some unsuspecting person who, upon receiving a package he had not mailed, turned it over to the police. The police then searched the home of the intended recipient and discovered more drugs of an assorted variety and a large amount of cash. Drug possession charges are pending.