Illinois Man Sentenced for Selling Meth Bought on the Darkweb

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An Illinois man was sentenced to 132 months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to resell methamphetamine purchased on the darkweb.
According to court documents, from at least September 1, 2016, to February 21, 2017, Brock A. Purdy, 34, of Springfield, Illinois, and his accomplice Brendon Richardson, conspired to distribute large quantities of meth. The duo purchased the meth on the darkweb and had it shipped to their residences. They used an undisclosed encrypted messaging application to keep their drug trafficking operation hidden.
Prudy was placed under pretrial detention in March 2018. He was indicted in May 2018 and pleaded guilty in January 2020. On May 31, 2022, Purdy was sentenced to eleven years in federal prison. The sentence will be followed by five years of supervised release.
Prudy’s accomplice, Richardson, was sentenced to six years in federal prison in January 2020.

Look at the Springfield FBI Field Office...

Springfield, Illinois, Man Sentenced to Eleven Years in Federal Prison for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine |,

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a side question, is sending coke carry higher risk than meth in terms of it getting caught by k9 or x-ray? in other words does meth have weaker smell even slightly than coke?


^ its all the same to us, go for it!


@abb5c871 donut-head the question is chemistry wise so rest assured and fuck off.


Domestic mail isn't typically run through x-ray or gone over with k9. But to answer your question, it's really easy to find out. Try smelling each one and you tell me which one reeks to high heaven. Coke. Meth does not smell as strong no. But both can be picked up by canine units that are trained to smell for both. But again those specialized k9 units are going to be specific to ISC centers for inbound international and outbound monitoring, not a random domestic post office that delivers to you joe buyer of domestic meth.

Shit Box2022-06-08

K9’s can detect both and organic matter shows up on X-ray. There is a clever way around this though, just take a big shit in the box before you seal up your shipment. The smell with throw of the K9s and who wants to search a box full of shit? That’s how it beats the x-ray, yes the shit still shows up as organic matter but when you open the box it’s full of brown not white. I’ve been a vendor on the DN for almost a decade and none of my packages have been seized using this method! Of course you will want to ensure there are no mysterious holes on the corners of your box like DNL talks about, some of the shit can actually start slipping out of such holes and you risk your package being thrown away so beware the mysterious holes and use a sturdy cardboard box 📦


@0849e60a I really hope you are not trolling.


@0849e60a is it true that mylar bag hides organic materials from x-ray?


^ lol honestly, CBD lbs break all the time when they fall 6 feet of the belt into the sorting facility bins. y'all way to paranoid we pack em back up with a note form uncle sam and send them on their way. the karen box customers complain, thats when CC and CCA have to report it send it off to USPSIS who decides if its worth our time. the post master is more concerned about hitting targets and quotas for Amazon Sunday honestly u all fine if u stick domestic cuck racist cracker ass mfs


That's a lot of years for just a conspiracy charge. He must have had priors.


Only FBI is allowed to sell meth


Its even ADA accessible for that wheelchair bound Texas Governor, you know the one who lets Joe Rogan smoke lbs in Austin, while if you are simply traveling though the panhandle can land you a felony for possession, for... weed. Cuckhold power top african king bulls that guys wife for sure.