Illinois Man Sentenced for Buying 900 Grams of MDMA

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A federal jury convicted Delon Echols, 31, of Belleville, Illinois, of Attempted Possession with Intent to Distribute MDMA. According to information revealed in court, Echols had purchased 911 grams of MDMA on the darkweb from a supplier in The Netherlands.

Government exhibit list

Echols had shipped the MDMA to an unwitting individual in Mascoutah, Illinois. When the package arrived at the person’s house, they opened it, discovered the drugs, and immediately went to the Mascoutah Police Department.
The police department weighed 911.5 grams of MDMA inside vacuum-sealed bags in a whey protein powder container.
“This case serves as a great example of how a concerned member of the public working with law enforcement can help make our communities safer,” said the United States Attorney Rachelle Aud Crowe. “I join with our law enforcement partners in thanking her for her courage in coming forward. This case also demonstrates yet another way in which drug trafficking is not a victimless crime.”
Sentencing has been scheduled for January 10, 2023.
Court documents were no help in understanding how investigators linked the package to Echols.

Jury Convicts Illinois Man for sending MDMA through the U.S. Postal Service for Distribution |,,

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When someone's sentencing is scheduled to after 3 months, does that mean they will be kept in custody until their sentencing hearing?


Fed crime. Very likely they will remain in custody pending sentencing. I think this guy will remain in a federal detention center until sentencing and a bed opens up at whatever facility they will ship him off to.


I almost got absolutely fucked over in a situation just like this.... However i never got charged because i never opened or signed for the package and i also wrote return to sender on the package. A family member signed for the package and by that time i already knew how serious the situation was so i never opened it and wrote return to sender. Usually the vendor would vacuum seal the packs so when i heard the pills rattling around that was another sign that made me realize that I could absolutely NOT open the package. This was for a bulk order of ecstacy pills. It has been a year and I have not been charged. The police just took my money and a few guns. Fuck Them! Never sign for something with your name on it and if somebody else signs for something then leave it by the door and write return to sender on it. If you do that you cannot be charged in the united states.


and i was never arrested at any point. just deny everything and you'll be good. Why the person in this article didn't do that is beyond me lol.


Nah, he’s sitting in his county jail. This isn’t a fed case. The feds won’t take this case. It’s only 1 kilo. They deal with 100-1000lb busts all the time. This ain’t worth it for them. He will probably get off on probation if he can afford a lawyer and doesn’t have a record. It basically comes down to 2 things: 1.) Ability to hire a lawyer 2.) Criminal record I know somebody that this happened to. Identical situation. No felonies. Hired attorney. They did two years probation after pleading out. This guy will definitely sit in jail until his court date though. Or, at least until somebody he knows can afford to raise the bond money for him. My friends bond was 250k. If this guy can’t afford an attorney, his public defender will probably only get him down to like 2-5yrs. Probably closer to 2 than 5. Luckily, they only charged him with attempted possession, instead of trafficking. Trafficking brings a significantly worse sentence.


I do not know. Prolly lawyer up.