Illicit Weapons and Cannabis Reseller Imprisoned

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A Utah man was sentenced to 64 months in prison for purchasing and reselling weapons without a license and reselling marijuana purchased on the dark web.

According to court documents, 41-year-old Phillip Mahe Taufa admitted he illegally purchased and resold over 50 firearms between February and November 2021. He also admitted he used and resold cannabis he bought through an undisclosed dark web marketplace.
The criminal complaint disclosed that investigators executed an anticipatory search warrant on Taufa's residence on November 9, 2021. The investigators found and seized 7.27 pounds of marijuana in two USPS priority mail packages, and undisclosed quantities of cannabis in containers. The investigators also confiscated 43 firearms, large quantities of ammunition, magazines, firearm purchase receipts, and $3,500 in cash.
On being questioned, Taufa told the cops that he had been purchasing marijuana on the dark web. He disclosed that the marijuana package found in his home by the investigators had been delivered earlier that day after he placed an order for one pound of marijuana. He said the bulk of the marijuana he purchased was for personal use and that he only resold approximately three ounces of it every week.
Taufa also admitted he had purchased over 50 firearms from individuals and licensed firearm dealers. He resold the firearms for double his purchase price. In some cases, he traded the weapons for marijuana and THC cartridges.
Taufa was consequently charged with multiple firearm and drug related offenses in a seven-count indictment.
On March 20, 2023, a court sentenced him to 5 years and 4 months in federal prison and three years of supervised release. Taufa was also ordered to pay a special assessment of $600.

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why are people afraid to shut the fuck up to the police? weak minded normies...


5 years? Not bad...


That's five years with no toilet seat or computer dork


that is realy good for me


He only 3,500 and he only owes $ where have six hundred it really seems like he was barely living this month too much 3,500 that is rent and grocery and you would think after 40 guns you would say your house got robbed at least once


The fool only got 5 years. If people would just shut up they would be better off. Although for him talking is the only thing he could do lol

John Dooley2023-03-31

Welcome to the DNL hall of fame...


I wonder where he was selling his stuff at??? I would stay clear from there


my guns are my rights


He caught a really good plea in my opinion! Considering the amount of guns and illegal weed he had, also he didn’t have the licenses to deal guns. He would’ve gotten a 15+ year sentence if he was in Ga. I don’t know the Laws in Utah but they seem pretty lenient.


might be a ad for the Salt Lake City PD, and this is a totally bogus story


sometimes maybe goody sometimes maybe shit

og meth2023-05-16

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jail jail jail2023-05-20

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Not bad just 5 years

Hu Weber2023-10-09

Folks just don't know that usa (fbi, cia, doj...) and uk (mi6) are the ones who tip other countries law enforcement about transactions and details. Bitcoin encryption IS BROKEN by the fbi and cia. Whatsapp is under cia's control and so is viber and messenger, possibly other such services as well. They can and will read every single "encrypted" content sent over these networks. I'm not saying that you can't obtain some "illegal" stuff here for personal use but it's difficult and you'll need to have some luck. If you are planning to buy some ridiculous stuff like explosives, hire a hitman, a .50 cal machine gun then you'll be certainly suspicious. Many websites here are fake with too many fraudsters who will only steal your money and few legit with real traders and even so called "bait markets" with fbi or cia NPC's waiting to arrest you.