Hydra to Launch Global Darkweb Market in September

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Russian-language darknet marketplace Hydra is creating Eternos, a global platform for conducting business on the darkweb. Eternos is a part of Hydra’s so-called “global expansion” project.
Eternos description

Developers will not disclose data on software and infrastructure until Eternos opening due to security reasons. However, Hydra’s staff published a list of special features, which they are planning to implement in the digital platform:[list=1]
  • AspaNET – software for enabling anonymous communication.

  • Eternos will be running atop its own network AspaNET, created to bypass Internet censorship and filtering. Developers claim that AspaNET is able to get through the Chinese Golden Shield Project and the Russian Sovereign Internet. AspaNET solves a lot of problems with using Tor and belongs to a new generation of anonymity networks. The program has already been successfully tested in China and Turkey.[list=1]
  • HatchService – a utility for gateway creation.

  • Every person will be able to open his own gateway or a gateway station on AspaNET using HatchService. Gateways’ owners will get a reward for providing access to AspaNET and its services.[list=1]
  • IronRat – Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for automated dispute resolution.

  • IronRat’s database includes information about 360,000 tickets opened on HYDRA during the last two years. AI is capable of resolving about 90% of all disputes. Moderators will deal with the remaining 10%, thus significantly reducing wait time and improving service quality.[list=1]
  • Whisper – anonymous messenger.

  • Whisper is an advanced communication system with several anonymity tools (PGP, VPN), filters and notifications. Whisper will function as an independent app, allowing Eternos’ users to send messages even if DNM is offline.[list=1]
  • ChangePoint – cryptocurrency exchange.

  • ChangePoint will consist of two platforms: LocalPoint and GlobalPoint. The first one is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace (analogue of LocalBitcoins). GlobalPoint is a classical crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto exchange, run by different operators.
    Trade on Eternos

    Eternos suits both small- and large-scale vendors. Bulk traders will get an option of setting up a shop with additional functions:

  • HR Department (for hiring and managing staff, for example, dead-droppers, couriers, administrators).
  • Logistic service (helps to choose the safest delivery route).
  • Reference and legal system.
  • Economic service (for making reports, forecasting profit and data visualization).
  • Digital advertising platform.

  • Hydra’s moderators will recruit vendors willing to work on Eternos.
    Eternos ICO

    In December 2019, Hydra announced an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund development of Eternos. The marketplace sold 1,470,000 coins called Token (49% of the total supply). The offering ran one round, taking in $147 million ($100 per Token). Coins have been distributed to Hydra wallets and are frozen until Eternos’ launch.
    Tokens are digitized shares of Eternos. ICO participants, who bought at least 101 Tokens, will get 0.00333333% of profit generated by the marketplace for every hundred tokens held in a wallet. Investments are expected to be paid off over six months and will bring in a potential monthly income as high as $500 by September 2021. Eternos will pay dividends in Bitcoin every month.
    The project’s authors plan to list Tokens on ChangePoint and other exchanges. They forecast 600% price hike of coins during the first six months after the opening of Eternos.
    Some analysts have expressed concerns over Hydra’s ICO for obvious reasons.

    Hydra was established in 2015 and became the leading darknet marketplace in the CIS region in 2017 after the RAMP closure (Russian Anonymous Marketplace). It launched a viral promotional campaign, which included advertising on YouTube and news websites. As a result, HYDRA forced competitors out of business and attracted thousands of new customers.

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    Trusting a russian developers is like trusting someone who wants to kill you. It's probably new kind of russia surveillance project.


    chur, finally a market the majority of people can trust.


    This is fucking incredible. Hats off to the Ruski's.


    Honestly I would of just prefered a well-coded market running on Tor.


    Hail Hydra?


    based hydrabros


    Sounds like everyother bullshit iso get your coins of hydra


    Fuck having AI auto resolve disputes. It will be exploited for scams like crazy.


    There're some rumors, that Hydra is under KGB, cause there's no way with available KGB hackers, that Hydra still works in Russia(5+ years) and it's not shutdowned, as western marketplaces. This only possible, if marketplace is under some sort of control of KGB. As you remember scandal with 400kg of cocaine confiscated from Russian Embassy in Argentina, KGB denied everything as always.

    Dirk Gently2020-05-03

    So is this going to be a de-centralized market or not? Lots of security bells and whistles but if it is run by a few Russian hackers (already that sounds dodgy) an exit scam is in the offing. Could be an FSB honey pot. We want to see a fully DECENTRALIZED market. Enough of the fly-by-night, we've go the ultimate this and that new makets. Ross from Silkroad ran his empire from his laptop like some friggin Minecraft warlord. And not just the darknet markets, we absolutely need a *** decentralized internet***. Youtube, Facebook, Google. All of these autocratic tech companies wield more power than entire western governments. Facebook recently censored the Norwegian PM and didn't give a shit about it!


    Really excited to see if this market is going to be a competitor to Empire. Darknet is going strong once again! Thanks for sharing Darknetlive.


    This sounds dope.


    lost me at Russian


    With Hydra's money they will destroy other markets with the ddos attacks as they did with RAMP before they were the biggest in Russia. I'm curious how the markets will involve against this big organisation.


    How can anyone trust this platform. A quick search resulted in: "The marketplace initiative has already attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies. If the project is implemented, the developers will, in the first place, endanger the users of the service, an anonymous law enforcement source said in a comment to ForkLog." - Look, its all good and well what they are trying to do but LE has been working Hydra for a while and now they are creating a system in which 100\% of every action and every transaction made is illegal. Sooner or Later access will be found by Le or by some autistic hacker. How can we trust people behind Hydra when they themselves have helped Law Enforcement into taking down their competitors. This means they will go to any extreme, including endangering their customers. Keep that shit away from us please, let us all fall into anonymity of hundreds of thousands or transactions and tor connections instead of being locked into a system where Law Enforcement knows that everything inside of it is inherently illegal... It is a fucking fantasy to think that anything is unhackable. Ethernos is safe while it lasts, but nothing does..we know this by now. And when it breaks, which it will. You're pretty much fucked.


    Sounds quite sophisticated and advanced business and technology wise: 1) Risk for bugs and design flaws to be exploited 2) Risk of being operated by Putin


    >147 million wut... where's all that money coming from??


    The fact is - HYDRA's been running for 5 years already, while all the rest DNM's been seized or exit-scammed. That's why we have no strong reasons to thank that Eternos'll fail.


    Waiting for Hydra to Launch, Will old accounts still can be used?


    @smogfor - Eternos is planned to be launched atop Hydra, that's why I think all existing users will be transferred to the new market.


    Please god let the geocache / dead-drop feature be built in as core functionality! This is great news for the world! Fuck shipping and customs. The world needs a darkweb geocaching public utility!


    @solrac - I'm 99\% sure, that dead drops will be implemented as the main delivery method on Eternos. As pre-planted stashes greatly increase sales.


    Everything that they are planning to launch and much more has been already developed by a group of cypherpunks called Particl Project. Here is some info: Particl launched in July 2017 and is a privacy-first and censorship-resistant eCommerce platform. The ecosystem currently includes the privacy coin PART and the Particl Marketplace application. The Particl coin (PART) is a digital currency with data protection and privacy features. These include Confidential Transactions with Bulletproofs, RingCT (currently up to 32 Ring Sigs), and stealth addresses. The Particl blockchain, which is always updated to the latest Bitcoin Core codebase, uses Particl Proof-of-Stake (PPoS), with cold staking enabled, to secure transactions. PART acts as the settlement-layer for all transactions made on Particl Marketplace and enables its privacy capabilities. All payments, in fiat or digital currency, are automatically converted into PART with the goal of empowering users with true privacy and freedom. Particl Marketplace is a multi-vendor crypto-agnostic marketplace with no middleman, no commission, near-zero fees, and no login data requirement. It lets anyone create and join an infinite number of markets and storefronts. It aims to preserve user privacy at all times, makes sellers earn more money per sale and still be able to price their products more reasonably, and protects supply chains and their private interests. Transactions on the marketplace are secured using an autonomous two-party escrow system which aims to force parties to remain honest with each other. Here is some info about the upcoming release of the Open Marketplace for the general public: https://particl.news/stepping-things-up-again-with-particl-desktop-3-0-383646386813