Hydra to Launch Global Darkweb Market in September

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Russian-language darknet marketplace Hydra is creating Eternos, a global platform for conducting business on the darkweb. Eternos is a part of Hydra’s so-called “global expansion” project.
Eternos description

Developers will not disclose data on software and infrastructure until Eternos opening due to security reasons. However, Hydra’s staff published a list of special features, which they are planning to implement in the digital platform:[list=1]
  • AspaNET – software for enabling anonymous communication.

  • Eternos will be running atop its own network AspaNET, created to bypass Internet censorship and filtering. Developers claim that AspaNET is able to get through the Chinese Golden Shield Project and the Russian Sovereign Internet. AspaNET solves a lot of problems with using Tor and belongs to a new generation of anonymity networks. The program has already been successfully tested in China and Turkey.[list=1]
  • HatchService – a utility for gateway creation.

  • Every person will be able to open his own gateway or a gateway station on AspaNET using HatchService. Gateways’ owners will get a reward for providing access to AspaNET and its services.[list=1]
  • IronRat – Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for automated dispute resolution.

  • IronRat’s database includes information about 360,000 tickets opened on HYDRA during the last two years. AI is capable of resolving about 90% of all disputes. Moderators will deal with the remaining 10%, thus significantly reducing wait time and improving service quality.[list=1]
  • Whisper – anonymous messenger.

  • Whisper is an advanced communication system with several anonymity tools (PGP, VPN), filters and notifications. Whisper will function as an independent app, allowing Eternos’ users to send messages even if DNM is offline.[list=1]
  • ChangePoint – cryptocurrency exchange.

  • ChangePoint will consist of two platforms: LocalPoint and GlobalPoint. The first one is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace (analogue of LocalBitcoins). GlobalPoint is a classical crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto exchange, run by different operators.
    Trade on Eternos

    Eternos suits both small- and large-scale vendors. Bulk traders will get an option of setting up a shop with additional functions:

  • HR Department (for hiring and managing staff, for example, dead-droppers, couriers, administrators).
  • Logistic service (helps to choose the safest delivery route).
  • Reference and legal system.
  • Economic service (for making reports, forecasting profit and data visualization).
  • Digital advertising platform.

  • Hydra’s moderators will recruit vendors willing to work on Eternos.
    Eternos ICO

    In December 2019, Hydra announced an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund development of Eternos. The marketplace sold 1,470,000 coins called Token (49% of the total supply). The offering ran one round, taking in $147 million ($100 per Token). Coins have been distributed to Hydra wallets and are frozen until Eternos’ launch.
    Tokens are digitized shares of Eternos. ICO participants, who bought at least 101 Tokens, will get 0.00333333% of profit generated by the marketplace for every hundred tokens held in a wallet. Investments are expected to be paid off over six months and will bring in a potential monthly income as high as $500 by September 2021. Eternos will pay dividends in Bitcoin every month.
    The project’s authors plan to list Tokens on ChangePoint and other exchanges. They forecast 600% price hike of coins during the first six months after the opening of Eternos.
    Some analysts have expressed concerns over Hydra’s ICO for obvious reasons.

    Hydra was established in 2015 and became the leading darknet marketplace in the CIS region in 2017 after the RAMP closure (Russian Anonymous Marketplace). It launched a viral promotional campaign, which included advertising on YouTube and news websites. As a result, HYDRA forced competitors out of business and attracted thousands of new customers.