How to Become a Verified Vendor on Tochka Market

~2 min read | Published on 2018-03-28, tagged Darkweb-Market using 272 words.

Tochka staff recently announced a new project in an effort to cut down on fraudulent vendors. Vendors are required to send the staff a photo of their product(s) with the Tochka market onion address or the vendor’s username. “Hello, we are introducing Trusted Vendor Verification feature that will help to keep high quality of Vendors, Items and Services on Marketplace,” the announcement read. “Obtaining Trusted Vendor Status is free and mandatory.”
Tochka still allows vendors to sell their wares on the marketplace for free. The upgraded ‘Premium’ vendor accounts are still available too. But the verification should cut down on some of the rampant fraud that had previously filled the market. Free vendor accounts attract scammers.

First sign the vendor verification rules with your uploaded vendor PGP key. The ‘Vendor Verification Thread’ is a message thread between the vendor and support.
Paste the signed message into the thread. The process is simple and fairly straightforward. I’m not sure if the staff even checks the signed rules against the vendor’s PGP public key.
Then take a picture of your drugs somewhere you can add your vendor username. The vendor who sent me these screenshots took a picture and used a sharpie to add his username to a piece of paper he kept in the picture. ”
When you’re ready, press ‘Request Trusted Vendor Status’ button and our staff will contact you for further actions.” All proofs will be clearly visible publicly, so if you are selling some “digital software” or similar, which you would like to keep it safe, from “free” downloading, please PM the Staff members directly, and sent to them your proof.” Read more about Tochka Market.