Godman666 Speaks on Empire and the Empire Market Drama

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In which a Former Empire Market moderator sheds light on the drama surrounding a potential Empire Market exit scam, attacks against other markets, and shady business tactics.
This is the content from a post made by godman666, a former Empire Market staff member, on the /d/darknetmarkets subdread. The post has not been edited by darknetlive.
It is worth noting that Godman is an individual who claims to be LSM/Diamond–a fictional character created by Variety Jones. He also is involved in a rival marketplace. He is not unbiased.

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing alright. Over the last week or so my messages box’s and jabbers have been getting flooded with all this empire drama asking if I am behind it and what info do I have on empire that will prove the claims that have been floating around since they came to be. So I will address everything and then sign off godman666 forever and no longer use that handle.
Empire drama: No, I have nothing to do with this at all. The main claim or proof that has been said is /u/JackTheTripper claiming that I was angry about losing the position on empire and I was fired because of past actions taken against Alphabay. This is so far from the truth, I was removed from my position on disagreeing on certain things on how to bring up the profile of Empire. It is true that they have ran other markets in the past, and the end goal for empire is to close up shop and leave with all the money, also a disagreement how to handle the spam and attacks against vendors on the forum from outside trolls. My position on closing up shop with an exit scam was that it was a stupid idea and that if they really wanted to make money like that it was best to use Dream market model of the selective scam and how its the only way to keep the money flowing while still keeping it going for as long as you can, they didn’t like this at all and a back and fourth happened. Second is the lack of attention and lack of protection against vendors, it is no secret that there has been a massive FUD campaign against the vendor /u/kamesenin . My first day on the job was to nip all that on the butt and clear the thread of all known alts that where creating problems. When I would take action I would get messages from Se7en stating /u/kamesenin often made reports and that 99% of them where bullshit , I was told not to get bullied by him and he was over all shady. /u/kamesenin messaged me on jabber about clearing it all up, my hands where tied and I asked him to make a report or report it to se7en in which got quickly denied ,also se7en had a huge problem with me enforcing vendor tags on all vendors to cut down on phishing and scams (its a shit show on that forum). So pretty much I got fired for going against the grain and against the mods on topics.
Payment agreements : So the job I got hired was to clean up the fraud side of the forum, handle fraud disputes on the market, keep up with dread once a day, and poach high profile vendors from competing markets (Dream, wallst ). They first offered 75 dollars a week for this 300 a month, I stated that the job I just took comes with a 20 year sentence and that isn’t good enough compensation for it. They hated the fact that I would say such a thing but then we came to an agreement. Since the market is so small and not making much money now they really couldn’t do the 3k a week I was asking for ,but came up with this

  • 75 dollars a week
  • A separate vendor account with Full F.E, If I wanted to just scam on the account that I was to do it under the gun section since its all scams over there anyways and they can control all disputes.
  • A 5% percent take on market closure, this meant when the market closed that the total of coin netted that I would get 5% of the take.

  • Attacking competing markets : It is very known about the problems that they have getting listed on Deep Dot Web & other super lists. In order to combat DDW choice on not listing them, there plan was simple get rid or pressure other markets to leave to make them the only viable alternative market . All I know about this is that some hackers where hired to hack /extort/ and clear said markets out of the way, if they where left standing that they would have a better chance of being listed on Deep Dot Web.It was simple market strategy, I don’t know who they paid or what they paid but someone was hired to do this job. I didn’t care because the market business is brutal shit like this happens.
    DeepDotWeb Drama So in an effort to raise the market profile and get more buyers I asked about the DeepDotWeb question. While I bought the original story that DeepDotWeb has it out for them because they where a clone market, what I got was a totally different story. They (both admins) pretty much said that when they where coding the empire site that a problem broke out with an admin , this admin was entitled of a part of the coins taken from the markets they ran before. They with held the coins from the said admin didn’t pay him and “told him to kick rocks”, when explaining this too me they almost bragged about how they fucked this dude over and took joy in the amount of disrespect that they handed out. In turn I guess that admin told DDW admin about it, thats all I know about this and cant really comment more on it other than the fact that they desperately want to be listed on DDW. Personally I don’t care about this but they shouldn’t have used me to cover for the fact. Even if they think the /u/deepdot /u/deepdotweb is “ a fucking retard” they shouldn’t drag me into any of this.
    Conclusion : So I just layed out all I know about empire anything else outside of the scope of these points made I have zero clue on and careless about. I want to state there is nothing to be upset about getting removed from empire mod status, its a small market that currently very slow the pay was kind of shit, and I have other things to do then sit around and make post’s about them. I do how eve believe all post’s coming on Dread are from ranklez /dildozer and is using the fact that I got fired in order to press on empire. It does have that FUD attack style but so far there only of hand full of posts made that are not true, and pretty much right on everything I mentioned above.
    You know I did not want to write anything, I was very okay with getting replaced by /u/darkbear, I have no problem with him at all and thought his posts where very good and yeah no beef there. I Also had no beef with empire until giant post’s where made in an effort to curb the people finding out what is going on over there. I make good money doing other things and really didn’;t need to mod for empire its not like that I seek power or saw that as some status point. I can careless what people think of me,i have other things to do with my life my only concern that I legitimately have is the fact that if they get busted and jammed up that I will be caught in that whirl wind and end up doing tons of time for something, I only took part in for a week or so. But from here the godman666 will retire, I am going to enjoy my life and not look back. Thank you all sorry this was very long but I feel this is the only way to stop getting me dragged into this and in turn raising the heat profile on godman666 . I know there will be different opinions on this thread but DO NOT MESSAGE ME AS THE MESSAGES WONT BE CHECKED. Godman666 is retired and returning to life as a normal joe.
    Former Empire Mod

    In the comments, one of the parties mentioned in Godman’s post confirmed part of Godman’s story.
    /u/kamesenin wrote:
    Ill post more later on, but i just have to say, it strikes me as flat out ridiculous that empire is blaming godman for this FUD, especially after they protected/abeted the real culprit for weeks on their own forum.
    The real guy thats responsible for all the FUD here on dread is the same guy thats been using an army of alts to spread fud on empire.. Its funny how all of a sudden, brand new accounts with no posts spreading fud is a problem for the people running the show there.
    Also, FWIW, i can confirm the parts of this story where I was mentioned happened roughly the way godman says they happened (at least, the parts where i was the direct actor). I don’t know about what sort of deals he did or did not have with the empire admin, but im honestly pretty skeptical about this FE account.

    Empire Market staff eventually chimed in but have since deleted the comments.

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