Germany: Two Teens Arrested for Buying Drugs Online

~1 min read | Published on 2021-08-02, tagged ArrestedDarkWebDrug-BustDrugsGeneral-News using 197 words.

Authorities in Germany arrested two teenagers for allegedly buying drugs on the darkweb and reselling the darkweb-souced drugs.
The teens–age 17 and 18–are both from Baden-Württemberg. According to a Joint press release by the Konstanz Public Prosecutor and the Ravensburg Police Headquarters, the suspects were arrested as a result of an investigation that stemmed from a tip received by the German Federal Criminal Police Office.
The Federal Criminal Police Office received information about a drug order placed on an undisclosed dark web marketplace in early July 2021. The police were reportedly told that the order would be shipped to one of the teens’ residences.
Investigators then intercepted a suspicious package addressed to the 17-year-old. After opening the package, investigators found approximately 100 grams of amphetamine and an undisclosed number of ecstasy tablets.
While conducting further investigations, investigators established that the 18-year-old had placed the order for the drugs and had used the address of his 17-year-old accomplice as the shipping address.
The investigators later acquired and executed search warrants for the apartments rented by the suspects. Officers found and seized small quantities of undisclosed drugs and evidence of drug trafficking from the two apartments.
Investigations into the suspected drug trafficking operation are ongoing.