German Woman Tried to Hire a Hitman on the Darkweb

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The Dresden public prosecutor indicted a German woman for allegedly attempting to hire a hitman on the darkweb to murder her ex-husband’s girlfriend.
The Dresden public prosecutor disclosed in a press release that a 41-year-old woman had attempted to hire a hitman on the darkweb to murder her ex-husband’s 23-year-old girlfriend.
The defendant allegedly accessed a so-called “murder-for-hire” site on the darkweb in early February 2021. She contacted the site’s administrator and explained the situation (i.e., she wanted to have her ex-husband’s girlfriend murdered). The defendant and the site’s admin negotiated and agreed that the defendant would pay 0.2 bitcoin and that her target would be murdered two weeks after she made the payment.
The defendant reportedly made the payment in late February. The Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office received information about the defendant’s plot from the site’s admin and arrested the woman on February 26, 2021.
The Dresden District Court then placed the woman under pre-trial detention on February 27, 2021.
The Dresden District Court is set to announce the date for the opening of the woman’s hearing.

Basically all “murder-for-hire” cases involve[list=1]*a fake murder-fore-hire site;*a jealous or vengeful romantic partner;*and an informant.[/list]
In this case, it appears the site administrator informed on their own customer. How bizarre.

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Eye of Sauron2022-08-25

A well placed hit is a major threat to US national security, obviously the FBI is very interested in knowing who’s looking for hits out there like Shahram Poursafip. The cartels have their “sicarios“ but they are mainly for enforcing drug transactions and offer their services rather exclusively to cartel bosses, that shit flys down in the Wild West because the cartel is more powerful than the government. The moment you open up an onion for that in the US your shop would be flooded with loyal FBI customers and that eye on the top of the pyramid on the $1 bill would be staring you down like the Eye of Sauron, which is bad news bears for any DN professional. Do you really need to have someone killed anyway? You could just block them on Facebook…


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It's actually: Quite Frankly.


Quite Frankly I don’t give a damn


So I would get arrested if I was a fake killer who is taking people's money just saying????????? I don't get why you would want to kill someone

The thought2022-08-27

Yep, they nab you for selling fake drugs too, it’s the thought that counts.


When are people gonna learn to stop trying to hire killers on the dark web???


Tor/crypto doesnt really help the whole hitman circumstance all that much. The person placing the hit has to expose themselves (they always someone close) and the hitman could easily be setup for a fake hit by cops trying to sting them. Its dumb all the way down. Kids, if you want someone dead, do it yourself.


I feel you yo!




> (((USDC))) is the prototype for USD/EUR CBDC. Yep