German Police Arrest Alleged Amphetamine Vendor

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Police in Germany arrested a man who allegedly sold 48 kilograms of drugs through the darkweb since 2014.
I cannot find an official press release from local authorities about this one:
“A man is said to have been trading amphetamines worldwide from his garage via the Darknet for eight years. The Cologne police arrested the man from Euskirchen on Wednesday morning. This has now been announced by the police and prosecutors.”


“He is now in custody. The police confiscated more than eight kilograms of amphetamines and chemicals used in drug production from the garage where he is said to have stored and packaged the drugs. Since 2014, he is said to have sent at least 48 kilos of drugs worldwide via the dark web and was paid for in cryptocurrency.”

Anyway, here are some interesting reads for those interested and with the time. Both are very long.
On the topic of Linux being a secure operating system: “Linux” and a very in-depth “Linux Hardening Guide” by the same author
Also, have you guys seen the Whonix Terms of Service? Part of it:
If you are an embargoed similar sanctioned person you must stay away from our services.

The websites and the services offered by ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP are NOT addressed to persons who are:
  • Restricted Persons
  • are a member of any sanctions list or equivalent maintained by the United States government, the United Kingdom government or by the European Union.

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    Lethal Weapon Poster (German Edition) btw linux is not perfect but at least it doesn't have much backdoors as windows and os x, thats the main difference. and it does not send usage (of course not all distros)

    Box out2022-09-17


    Mariusz Misa2022-09-18

    Buahahaha ! ! ! Gotta order more sh*t soon.


    who was this vendor?


    I think It was poobspaule


    yeah, you´re a real clown


    it would be a great pity but it would match. STHOMPSON has been selling on the darknet for many years. i personally have known him for 6 years.. only sold amphetamines, mail came from cologne bonn area when you ordered from him. wednesday 15.09 this guy was arrested.stompson was last time online on 14.09. always very reliable, writes when he doesn't come online for a while. that's not the case this time. hope i'm wrong but it all fits. he sells worldwide too


    maybe bobmolly? gone since march


    Here is the official press release from the f****** Police and Cybercrime special unit in Cologne: I think it is Hunter S. Thompson, too. He was only selling Speed since years on all markets and he send from cologne seen on postal code from his packages… it would be interesting to know how he was busted…


    In some countries ***yes*** in others ***no***, so check your countries status before boarding the ***Wild Caribbean*** to ***panchovilla***…


    Dnl just put this up here because it’s a textbook page out of ***cryptography on the web 101***. Don’t let that old ***0biwan*** get you down, with all that shit witching. Encryption works, with a little bit of ***luck***, if you used NordVPN or mullvad with a kill switch you’re pretty good, used an anonymous rdp better, ***Che***, even better. ***Qubes***, gotta have that but ya, you theoretically ***wouldn’t*** need to worry about using veracrpt, which you should atlaest encrypt your system drive anyway, but ya if you’ve done your job something’s can even fail and be ***0kay***

    Fooling me2022-09-17

    Welcome to the party man, that silly act ain’t fooling me, what’s good brother, shooting off at the mouth isn’t as profitable as shooting off for real, goah dahhmn