German Man Arrested for Buying Amphetamine on the Darkweb

~1 min read | Published on 2022-02-13, tagged ArrestedDrug-BustGerman using 187 words.

Authorities in Bavaria, Germany, arrested a man suspected of reselling large quantities of amphetamine purchased through the darkweb.
In a joint press release, the police headquarters in Lower Franconia and the public prosecutor’s office in Würzburg disclosed that a 20-year-old man from Würzburg, Lower Franconia, had allegedly ordered a total of approximately 5.5 kilograms of amphetamine from the darkweb. Prosecutors said that the defendant had intended to distribute the amphetamine.
An investigation into the 20-year-old’s drug trafficking operation was launched on February 7, 2022, after customs officers intercepted a suspicious package addressed to the 20-year-old. Customs notified the police, who acquired a search warrant for the box and found a kilogram of amphetamine contained within it.
Investigators acquired and executed a search warrant at the 20-year-old’s residence on the same day. The search allegedly led to the discovery of extensive drug trafficking evidence. The investigators also established that the 20-year-old had ordered a total of approximately 5.5 kilograms of amphetamine on six occasions.
At the Wurzburg district court, the defendant was charged with a drug trafficking crime. The presiding judge ordered that the defendant remains in detention pending trial.,, onion