Former Police Employee Allegedly Sold Guns on the Darkweb

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A former employee of the Kantonspolizei in the canton of Schwyz is facing charges for allegedly selling firearms on the darkweb. Between 2012 and 2013, according to the indictment, the 57-year-old suspect repeatedly sold guns and ammunition through a vendor account on an undisclosed darkweb marketplace.
During a search of the man’s house, the police seized 80 firearms and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. Following the search, the police kept the suspect in custody for two months before signing off on his temporary release.
The suspect worked as the Head of Logistics at the Schwyz cantonal police until April 2018. By the time he had stopped working for the police, the Federal Office of Police (Fedpol) and the Zurich canton police had already launched an investigation into his extracurricular activities. While working for the police, he allegedly abused his position by purchasing 180,000 francs worth of ammunition that he had planned to sell on the darkweb. However, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office said his abuse of his position with the police was “irrelevant in relation to the criminal offenses charged.”

As a part of the operation, the 57-year-old allegedly created legitimate purchase orders that his superiors signed off on without question. He then changed the items or the number of items before filing the order.
In addition to the alleged weapon law violations, the indictment accused the suspect of violating official secrecy laws related to his position with the police. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect worked with an accomplice in Germany. They allegedly sold weapons on the darkweb together. He provided his accomplice with information about certain police investigations.
The Federal Office of Police and the Zurich canton police are working together with law enforcement in Germany on the case. Law enforcement in both countries are still investigating both suspects.

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