Five Arrested for Ordering Marijuana on the Darkweb

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Police in France arrested five people for allegedly ordering 500 grams of marijuana on the darkweb.
The five suspects were arrested after the customs authorities of Ajaccio, France intercepted a suspicious package on March 8, 2021. After opening the package, customs officers reportedly found 500 grams of cannabis inside. The customs officers sealed the package and waited for someone to pick up the package.
Later that day, a woman went to the mail collection center and claimed the package. The customs officers monitoring the package informed the police who subsequently arrested the woman. After being questioned, the woman told the police that she had collected the package for her friend.
While the police questioned the woman, four individuals showed up at the police station and claimed ownership of the package. They said that they had purchased the marijuana on the darkweb for personal use.
The public prosecutor decided not to file drug trafficking charges against the five defendants. Instead, the prosecutor charged them with the acquisition and possession of illicit drugs. Police are currently investigating the suspects’ activities.

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vendor acct is still up on dark0de. Mr White would have banned it immediately

Gunny McGunface2021-12-24

That's an AK-47. You can tell it from an AKM by that big rectangular groove above the magazine.


Ah gotcha thanks!

It’s both2021-12-24

Too close too tell

Legalize and Reg2022-01-07

Lol it's funny watching barbaric Yuropeens battling out over MARIJUANA, which has been Legalized and Reg'd in every civilized region ending all drug violence immediately. A drug dealer should deal in dollars 'n' scales, not guns, unless they want to for non-criminal reasons.