Fentanyl Vendor Convicted of Causing a Buyer's Death

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A jury in Iowa found a North Carolina man guilty of distributing a heroin and fentanyl mixture that caused an overdose death.

According to the US Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Iowa, 38-year-old James Adam Earwood of North Carolina was found guilty following a four-day jury trial.
Evidence presented during the trial allegedly revealed that on November 18, 2021, Earwood mailed a package of a substance that contained a mixture of heroin and fentanyl to a Dubuque, Iowa, man.
The recipient of the drugs allegedly used them and had a non-fatal overdose while in the parking lot of a local business.
On December 17, a month after surviving the overdose, the victim received a second package of the same substance from Earwood. He used the drugs on December 19, overdosed and died. His death was discovered by the staff of a hotel he was residing in.
The investigations that stemmed from the death revealed that Earwood was using undisclosed dark web platforms to find buyers for the heroin and fentanyl. The investigators reportedly managed to link another heroin and fentanyl package to Earwood's drug trafficking operation.
The jury found Earwood guilty of distributing heroin and fentanyl, causing the death of another on October 5, 2023. The date of his sentencing hearing was not revealed.

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Alcohol companies are next. "He kept binge drinking no matter how many times he was taken to the hospital." GUILTY, $100,000,000 in damages.


> almost dies > shieeeet I betta try dat gud dope again > dies


Addiction is a bitch.

Spiffy Muffin,2023-10-11

A major purpose of government is to protect it's citizens from force and fraud. During alcohol prohibition many people died from alcohol poisoning from wildcat, clandestine stills. We legalized alcohol and moonshine deaths declined significantly. Oh, well, no need to bring something like that up. These days, LE gets a very good budget for white powder interdiction, and we wouldn't want to muck up that new boat a police sgt. has his eye on. Like Anslinger before them, they live high on the hog.


shouldnt of ruined good heroin


amen brother


bruh that shit most been good af


Real nice, someone dies on a substance and all u can say is must of been good AF ... shame on you .

Mstr. Obvious2023-10-15

My momma almost died from drinking too much water and then she finally did. Damn the clods, damn the sky.


If the guy is rebuying fetty wap after almost dying it wouldn't have mattered where he got it from, someone was gonna kill him with fentanyl


Remember when heroin was just heroin? Don't the cartels understand the repeat customers are what drives revenue? Be like tobacco - kill your customers only AFTER 30-40 years on brand loyalty.