Extremely Online NCIDE Task Force Arrests More Vendors

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The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force added more usernames to their list of arrested darkweb vendors.
The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy (NCIDE) Task Force, also known as the Narcotics and Economic Crime Investigations (NECI) Task Force, added usernames to the list of arrested darkweb vendors and overhauled their onion service.

The Northern California Illicit Digital Economy Task Force. Extremely online.

The Sacramento-based task force is (allegedly) responsible for several investigations into darkweb vendors that resulted in a conviction. In addition to finding ways to include the task force’s name in press releases, task force members dedicate resources to interacting with darkweb users on Dread, adding them through jabber, and regularly updating their official onion service.
None of the law enforcement “brands” involved in the cases we follow are as dedicated to maintaining their onion service as the NCIDE task force. I am surprised they are not maintaining an official presence on Twitter. At this rate, they are one step away from following Dark.Fail’s Onion Mirror Guidelines. (On that topic, the administrator of Dark.Direct suggested a modernization of the guidelines, which I think is overdue.)

NCIDE logo | reminds me of a millipede

Anyway, the task force’s list of arrested vendors has increased in length by a handful of names:[list]*Farmacy41*sicknessVersion2 a/k/a 23MightyMouse23*Houseofdank a/k/a BestBuyMeds a/k/a TrapMart*DankStix*BudgetBudsExpress*CokeWave*SafeDealsDirect*Cannabars a/k/a thefastplug*PhantomLabs*Diablow a/k/a raiseappeals a/k/a RaisedByDiablow*CaliCartel a/k/a Playground a/k/a GaminoCrimeFamily a/k/a DopeQueen*DrFrosty*guessguess*largomonkey a/k/a sillycoconut*Super_Shards*Gemstoned*TheCommission a/k/a TheCovenant*chlnsaint*CaliPlugMike a/k/a DatCubensisBoy a/k/a FantasticFungi*bossoftherock*igogrraawwr[/list]
The list should be considered with a grain of salt. In 2019, at least one “arrested vendor” still had control of their account. Certain usernames are no longer on the list. For example, a previous version of the list included “DrFrosty aka Bulletproof-Packs.” The “Bulletproof-Packs” monicker is no longer on the list. Many of the cases appear to be Operation Dark Gold cases (an “investigative team in the Northern District of California” [em]was[/em] credited in the Dark Gold presser, however). There are other oddities, such as the alleged arrest of the vendor “guessguess” who law enforcement in the Netherlands investigated in 2017 (and had access to the vendor’s marketplace profiles).
The onion service no longer has a section for “identified vendors” but it does include a section for joint investigations involving the task force:[list]*DarkNetAlchemist*ClickNShip*Easyscore*IcyDicy*GuttaPak*arctic*BM182318*RaveMart*bighorndodge*Blue30s*DarkMarket - darkevuygggqkqhq.onion[/list]

Do these internet police have a style guide for their websites and seizure banners? The seizure banner library (tor) on 淡路島 (Awaji Island per Deep L) provides some examples of the consistent theme often used by law enforcement agencies in the United States as well as their international branches.

Some of the banners viewable at 淡路島

Also, the NCIDETF should add case numbers to the list of arrests. Or literally any way to verify the entries on the list. As it stands, maybe half the cases are verifiable. They have no reason not to simply add fictional vendors to the list. The existence of the onion service is all part of an op. anyway. Even if someone noticed the lies, the task force would not face any repercussions. “Oh, you don’t know the vendor. They went to a different school.”

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Do they work outside the US or do they keep their business inside the US?


Check Recon for the list and see if any are still operating. Many are recognizable so the fictional comment is just you being angry it seems like.


Did you read "they have no reason not to simply add fictional vendors to the list" and think I said "all of the vendors on the list are fictional"? > Check Recon for the list. Okay, here are a few examples of the entries, copied from the NCIDE site, that are not on Recon: * Gemstoned is a website. * Dankstix * sillycoconut * CaliPlugMike * ClickNShip * GuttaPak * BM182318 * RaveMart * Blue30s * TrapMart Many of those names belong to vendors but they are not on Recon, as copied.


Funny as fuck. Not even LE trust Recon. +1


"I am surprised they are not maintaining an official presence on Twitter. At this rate, they are one step away from following Dark.Fail’s Onion Mirror Guidelines. "


cannabars is the only dark gold vendor on there


Man, ClickNShip and RaveMart were my go-to vendors. Made a lot of money through those two vets.


im confised is this online shit safe or not? if you dont let anyone know what your doing you wont have an issue! keep your mouths shut mf's


what kinda banner they gon have for darkfail?




any news about goingpostal? did he stopped or busted?


Sure, DNL. I guess the only question now is whether or not they actually think we're too oblivious to recognize their pseudosatirical echo chamber above, "comments" in general?


Uh. I can vouch that I have ordered from one of the "identified vendors" on multiple occascions in the past and I also know that they haven't been seen from or heard of for more than a year.


Yeah the tor honeypot network will get you arrested guaranteed.


You guys are forgetting that dark net markets are not the only places where vendors are, your forgetting telegram, discord etc.


I can assure you, no one is forgetting telegram, discord, facebook, iOS devices, iCloud, da Insta. Its like shooting fish in a barrel. If you all are so curious about it: Criminal Justice undergrad; Cyber Security certs and/or masters (total bullshit, but some like it), and theres a current labor shortage, so get hired once you pass the Fed's requirements. This isn't rocket science. Its an industry, and you are on the wrong side of the drug war stick. The classic overconfidence and lack of clean habits get you all, every time. Get paid, have a pension, bust'n cucks, what paradise for psychopathic anti-social types, no? Wrong, most cyber Chads I have dealt with are actual, certifiable morons. DNL, your task force doesn't really need to even exist, local judges simply rubber stamp anything from big tech; but the first rule of government spending is over promise, under deliver, so you can get MOAR of that sweet sweet general budget allocated your way, don't you agree, DNL?


NCIDE's looks like the headstock of an electric guitar