Europol Dismantles InfinityBlack Hacking Group

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Law enforcement in Poland and Switzerland, supported by Europol, dismantled the hacking group InfinityBlack as part of an international operation. The group distributed stolen credentials and created malware, according to an announcement from Europol.
The hacking group consisted of three teams: developers who created tools to test the quality of the stolen data, testers who carried out the quality analysis, and project managers who sold subscriptions in exchange for cryptocurrency. The group had online platforms through which it sold user login credentials, malware, and hacking tools.

One of the alleged hacker's setups | Europol

The group’s main focus was on online services that had loyalty programs. It would steal login credentials and sell them fraudsters who would then acquire expensive electronic devices in exchange for the loyalty points.The Operation
Swiss law enforcement initiated the investigation that led to the takedown of the hacking group. InfinityBlack had targeted the accounts of a large number of victims in Switzerland.
After Swiss law enforcement had arrested members of the hacking group, investigators learned of a hacking group in Poland with ties to InfinityBlack. Europol and Eurojust coordinated the investigation and facilitated the sharing of information between law enforcement in Poland and Switzerland.
In April 2020, the Polish National Police executed search warrants at six addresses throughout Poland. The searches resulted in the seizure of electronic devices, external hard drives, and hardware cryptocurrency wallets, all worth approximately 100,000 euros. The police arrested five suspected members of the InfinityBlack hacking group and shut down two platforms suspected of hosting more than 170 million entries.

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lol! amateurs!

Duh bro2020-05-15

Not amateurs (well maybe). They were Middlemen. They were pawns.

Duh bro2020-05-15

That's not a hacker's setup in the pic. That's a gamer. Hackers don't have clean areas like that.


Some of the skids commenting don't know how the investigation was/is being handled, yet they decide what a "hacker" is because they get wet over the idea of someone's new exploit making the news. You may never know their structure, their operations, or how they communicate. Please, learn something. You "below tier 1" wannabes, or even 0dayers on an unpopular website, give an unprofessional name to the hacking AND programmer community as a whole. Please, fuck off.


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Aspergers defence2020-05-16

They will all claim to have aspergers in front of the judge, but not all hackers are autistic. I reckon a lot of them just have poor social skills. That's why they insult each other as "unprofessional" and "small-time", trying to one-up each other in comments after an arrest like this. Makes you wonder how they ever form a "group"/


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Headset, speakers and a ultrawide curved screen, thats no hacker thats a gamer


Those people were retarded. They used discord to organize and operate their business and followed no OpSec. Their fault, also they got prosecuted because they tried to steal electronics lmao imagine being prosecuted for earning few thousands splitted between 10 people


Du Bro: That is EXACTLY what i thought! hahahahah!!! hackers don´t have that tidy places where they "work" ... ;) i know it best!!! ;)


@Acen That's what you would like to think. But actually, you're just talking your way out of cleaning your damn dirty desk!