EncroChat Drug Dealer Imprisoned

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The Liverpool Crown Court sentenced a Merseyside man who used EncroChat, a now-defunct encrypted messaging platform, to distribute drugs.

Mark Murphy

Merseyside police revealed in a press release that 39-year-old Mark Murphy was sentenced after he admitted using the username "FiveFingers" on Encrochat to distribute large quantities of heroin, cocaine and cannabis.
Murphy's drug trafficking operation was brought to an end by his arrest in July 2023. The arrest was part of Operation Venetic, an international operation that targeted EncroChat users. Law enforcement agencies infiltrated EncroChat and collected evidence against its users by monitoring their conversations.
Investigations by Merseyside Police disclosed that Murphy supplied class A and B drugs via EncroChat from March 2020 to June 2020. His Ecrochat conversations also revealed that he was planning to acquire a firearm.

Image of the firearm Murphy wanted to purchase

A search warrant executed during his arrest resulted in the discovery and seizure of two kilograms of cocaine.

A block of coke found in Murphy's home

He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply approximately 17.75kg of cocaine, 9kg of heroin, and 2kg of cannabis, and possession with intent to supply cocaine. Murphy also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess a prohibited weapon and ammunition.
The Liverpool Crown Court sentenced him to 18 years in prison on November 15, 2023.

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J Money2023-11-17

god damn that's a lot of weight...


Fuck liverpool. wont ever be going there. sounds like a horrible country.


Liverpool isn't a country retard

nick crompton2023-11-23

england is my city

Frony Smith2023-11-17

18 Years prison for 3 months selling drugs seems exaggerated. Obviously he pleaded guilty that he supplied drugs in the three months from March to June. And this was in 2020! He can´t plead guilty to crimes that where not committed. E.g. supplying drugs in July or August 2020. He should have been sentenced to 1 or 2 years and probation penalty. He did not physically attack anybody or steal anything. Also you see a picture of the defendant which can be used for applying for a job vacancy. Sending Mark Murphy for 18 years to prison means that he is not available on the job market. Where he could plead guilty to supplying large quantities of goods to clients. And why did he plead guilty if he is sentenced to 18 years? This story seems extremely one sided. As if nobody ever approached him asking for drugs.

Bruce Rivers2023-11-30

its extremely excessive and i agree with you. mass incarceration is problem.


drug war is as big as the military industrial complex. has recession proof jobs! in the form of Corrections officers, DEA foot soldiers, pencil pushers, international agencies that get billions especially after their career making arrests and seizes. Green Berets are notorious for trafficking coke after doing missions to bust ops in south America. They are not stupid and know how corrupt it all is. took 10 years for the US to end alcohol prohibition. the fact drug prohibition has gone on for decades and millions of lives locked up or murdered in fear of snitching to law enforcement.. shits a mob style racket. massively punishes non white people and non Americans. like, Mexico has been devastated since they declared literal war on the cartels. Look how its ended, it is comparable to Syria.provinces controlled outright by cartels to the feds reading this, your the direct reason for the murders. people dont want life in hell prisons for making a living


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can't believe ppl are still getting busted off encrochat

Hillary Cunt2023-12-06

People are still getting busted off Silk Road! That's over 10 years ago. Some I knew very well. And they were white for all you racist virtue signaling gen Z mommas boys.


srry bro sad u got cocan

Lisa Murray2023-12-10

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sad for him


From my home city!

deez nuts prez2023-12-19

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