Elysium Case: Motion to Suppress Evidence Failed

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According to a motion by the lawyers of two suspected Elysium staff members, evidence gathered from electronic devices should be suppressed due to a so-called “fault warrant.” The judge denied their claim and allowed the use of the evidence in court.
Lawyers Failed to Suppress Electronic Evidence in Elysium Case

In the Limburg trial for the alleged staff of the child pornography platform “Elysium,” two lawyers failed to have evidence gained during the execution of search warrants at their client’s houses. The searches yielded evidence that the alleged staff members had been actively using the child pornography forum in either as regular users or as moderators and administrators. The lawyers argued that the warrants were granted based on nonexistent evidence. The court, at a recent hearing, denied their appeal.
Two defendants have already partially confessed to their roles on the platform. All claim they had no administrative positions, despite evidence allegedly proving the opposite.
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