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EastSideHigh “Ringleader” Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

A 25-year-old living in Brockton, Massachusetts, will spend eight years in prison for selling MDMA, ketamine, and Xanax through the darkweb.

U.S. Senior District Court Judge Rya W. Zobel sentenced Binh Thanh Le to eight years in prison for manufacturing illegal drugs and selling them through the vendor account “EastSideHigh” on the darkweb. The judge ordered Le to forfeit more than 59 Bitcoin (currently worth more than $2 million) and $114,680 in cash.

In September 2021, Le pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and possess with intent to distribute MDMA, Ketamine, and Alprazolam (Xanax).

A picture of Le and his alleged co-conspirators entering a courthouse

Le and his alleged co-conspirators

According to court documents, Le and co-conspirators Steven McCall and Allante Pires imported large quantities of drugs from international sources. Le rented an office space in Stoughton where the defendants processed the drugs. Le and his co-conspirators created ecstasy pills and Xanax bars using a pill press. They then advertised and distributed the pills through the vendor account EastSideHigh on darkweb marketplaces, including Wall Street Market and Dream Market.

A picture of the EastSideHigh vendor account on WallStreet Market

EastSideHigh was the only vendor selling MDMA and ketamine at this scale at the time of the bust.

As a part of the investigation, an undercover law enforcement officer posed as someone willing to exchange $200,000 worth of Le’s Bitcoin for cash. From the Darknetlive article written after the EastSideHigh bust:

On March 27, EastSideHigh and the undercover law enforcement officers arranged a meeting at a Hampton Inn hotel. Law enforcement officers conducted surveillance on the three suspects throughout the day. They determined that Pires and Le would be conducting the transaction at the hotel, but McCall would be working at the storage unit. After pulling into the hotel parking lot, Le entered the hotel, and Pires waited outside. “Le used his mobile phone to access hit Bitcoin wallet and electronically transferred $200,000 worth of Bitcoin to an undercover Bitcoin wallet,” according to an affidavit.

After arresting Le and Pires, officers raided the office space/storage unit rented by Le:

After transferring the funds, officers entered the room and arrested Le. Officers outside arrested Pires. While arresting Le and Pires at the hotel, another team of law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at the storage unit where they arrested McCall. McCall was wearing a mask and latex gloves at the time of his arrest. The police found 6,200 grams of MDMA and 5,000 grams of ketamine at the storage unit.

“At the time of the search, agents also observed a desktop computer in the Stoughton location that was opened to the EastSideHigh vendor page on the Dark Net Market Wall Street Market,” according to a court document.

By the end of the investigation, police had seized more than 19 kilograms of MDMA, seven kilograms of ketamine, one kilogram of cocaine, and more than 10,000 counterfeit Xanax pills.

United States Attorney Rachael S. Rollins:

“The Dark Web is a rising threat to our communities and must be taken very seriously. Anonymous networks open the door for people, including our children, to order deadly amounts of illegal narcotics from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to their doorsteps. Le took advantage of this – at only 22-years-old, he used the Dark Web to organize a complex drug distribution operation that reached a nationwide customer base and an international network of suppliers.”

Norfolk County District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey:

“This was a very long and complex investigation that involved a lot of help and assistance from multiple agencies, including the United States Postal Service, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Stoughton Police, and the Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office. Hundreds of hours of investigative work shut down a significant drug operation that was supplying club drugs through sales on the dark web.”

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is sankharaexpress the same sankhara or it police?

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hundreds of hours of tax dollars wasted again. smh.

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Their staff is diverse enough, They don’t have to finish half of the sentence.

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They pulled out the “think about the children card” again smh

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This is messed up. 8 years jail for just doing business.

a63a9810 Sun, Mar 13, 2022

So messed up. 8 years just for doing business.

acb76ba0 Mon, Mar 14, 2022

isnt there any ex army guys out there that are pissed off to what bidens doing to this country.
just some ex army guy or guys should kill this bastard hes ruining america.

152e1d70 Mon, Mar 14, 2022

Even though that comment is irrelevant, Americans prefer that way till the elections if they choose change him (and getting cheated, again!)

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Just ignore the fedposting. Your attempt at rational discussion seems to be in good faith but you are responding to someone who is not looking for rational discussion.

No real change comes through the election of a new leader in the US anyway. Elected Rs and Ds are basically identical in policy and only differ in rhetoric.

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Thanks. I just hope these irrelevant posts disappear someday.

Also sometimes it is hard to differ between fedposts and spams. f them.

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“bOtH sIdEs ArE tHe SaMe” –a retard

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Let me guess, Israel actually is our greatest Ally, it is very important for our personal lives that we go to war because democracy, ditto Taiwan. You don’t have to be retarded to see that establishment politicians are all establishment politicians.

d9afbb30 Tue, Mar 15, 2022

feds love to bring up politics

13d9fde0 Tue, Mar 15, 2022

isnt there any ex army guys out there that are pissed off to what bidens doing to this country.
just some ex army guy or guys should kill this bastard hes ruining america.

i agree its a great idea someone should kill that fucker

91f3d980 Wed, Mar 23, 2022

nice try, glowie

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