Drug Commander May Get Out of Prison Early

~1 min read | Published on 2018-07-20, tagged Darkweb-Vendor using 150 words.

Although it was not mentioned in the courtroom during his most recent hearing, former darknet vendor “Drogenkommandant” may not have to serve all nine years of his prison sentence, a judge has now revealed.
The Coburg court judge had previously ruled that Drogenkommandant aka Rhett D. would spend nine and a half years in prison in Germany. However, during his first four years, Rhett D. will undergo drug and alcohol therapy while in custody. “If that therapy is successful,” one news outlet explained, “Rhett D. is likely to be released under certain conditions.”
![Drogenkommandant Dream Darknet Market Account](/images/word-image-7 (1).jpeg “Drogenkommandant Dream Darknet Market Account”)
Rhett D., known on the darknet as Drogenkommandant or Mr. Drug Commander, trafficked massive quantities of amphetamine, ecstasy, heroin, and cocaine from the Netherlands to Germany. In order to avoid detection, he shipped packages from Germany but lived in the Netherlands.
A Coburg judge recently sentenced him to nine years in prison.