Dread, the Darknet Discussion Forum, has Relaunched

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After somewhat of a rocky exit involving an allegedly shady admin taking bribes from Olympus market, HugBunter has finally brought back the darknet market discussion platform called Dread. It’s Reddit, but better. And for darknet market users.
HugBunter has added a ton of new features.
Here’s the announcement:
We’re back and better than ever! Over the past month since the situation which lead to the decision of taking Dread down, I have been working hard to completely redevelop the platform, to provide a much stronger and usable system to provide communities and discussion boards for all. Following the initial launch in February, the platform significantly grew and the concepts behind it were molded by the idea of a more open community space, offering a home to users I had never even considered before.
I would like to formally apologize for the down time experienced, I know it left everyone a little scattered after coming together at Dread. This situation is partly my fault, although I did try to ease the situation, I feel there is more I could have done at the time, or just handled it better. There has been a lot of misinformation spread regarding the situation too, I will not be discussing it any further however as it is now in the past and I hope everyone can move on from it. I’d just like to be able to offer this free service as a community hub and if you choose not to use it, that is your right to having your own opinion on things. That isn’t to say you can still come here spouting all sorts of conspiracies, which leads me to talking about the site-wide rules.
They have been altered to make some sub categories of the rules a little more clear and to also outline the rule against on-site trade. We do not and have never allowed direct deals of any sort, involving monetary transactions at Dread, keep this elsewhere to hidden service ecommerce sites etc. I have had to draw a line regarding FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) posts after what I left to run for much too long before the down time. If you want to post anything that may be considered slander towards me or any services that I offer, go ahead, as long as you provide some sort of proof to back you up. Anything that doesn’t have evidence should be taken with a grain of salt as there is currently a lot of baffling misinformation spreading, to which I can back myself up on every time.
This has been seen as a direct attack on my service by someone who is potentially building something similar, already running a similar site or just has a vendetta against me. This also goes for misinformation regarding other sites and services too, not just my own. The nature of hidden services is that everyone becomes really paranoid, just take a step back and if there is no information, do not believe it immediately, this world is full of people out for themselves only and they’ll do anything to bring others down for their own gain.
Anyway, onto the juicy stuff. What’s new?

  • Completely rebuilt User Interface, I’m sure you have noticed
  • System is running on 95% new code, completely rewritten for speed and flexibility
  • All previous bugs should be fixed considering the functionality will have been rewritten. That’s not to say there aren’t new bugs, please report them!
  • Post/comment sorting – Hot, New, Top (24h)
  • Improved advertising module (More updates to come)
  • More ad space scattered around the site
  • Save posts
  • Multi-level and collapsible threaded comments
  • Added /d/all
  • Amended the suggested subdreads
  • No auto-subscription to suggested subdreads, you may now freely subscribe/unsubscribe from any sub
  • Fully responsive for mobile devices (You’ve been warned of the issues of using a mobile device to access hidden services, but you still won’t listen, so the site is now usable at least)
  • Private/Invite only subdreads
  • User flair
  • Quote BBCode added
  • Improved search including comments
  • User profiles now include comments
  • Block users
  • Subdread wiki pages
  • Theme options for subdreads has been improved (Banner image, icon image and 6 new theme colors)
  • Subdread user ban expiry dates
  • PGP Key parsing has been fixed, should be no issues adding your public key now. I have cleared old keys from accounts.
  • PGP 2-FA (Two-factor authentication)
  • Mnemonic key for use in resetting your password, this will be issues to all new and old accounts upon login.
  • Enforced password change as a precaution, strength of password encryption has been increased also.
  • AutoModerator functionality has been added for subs, you can now setup word censoring and enforce your rules a little easier with simple regex-like entries. This will be expanded on over the next updates.
  • Subdread creation no longer requires an approval key, there are now specific requirements that slightly differ per account.
  • Canary page added, which will be updated with a PGP signature from me EVERY Monday.

  • If you have purchased a hidden service shop, it is live on a test server ready for you to configure, drop me a PM!
    I’ve worked extremely hard on this once again, it’s the biggest and most exciting project I’ve ever worked on and I hope it provides as a great free service to you all. Please don’t abuse my generosity with this, I have put every minute of my free time into this for the last 4 months. It’s a shame I had to abandon the great onion address I had (RIP), however I believe this new one was fate to come across and may be even better, is it memorable enough? I have not rebranded to “dreaddit” either, nor do I want the site referred to as that, it was by complete luck that the address had that when searching for “dread” as the prefix.
    The address: dreadditevelidot.onion

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