Dread Migrates to v3 Onion Address

~1 min read | Published on 2020-04-17, tagged Dread using 217 words.

The message, posted by Paris in the Dread subdread (Dread link), is available below. A signed copy of the message is available here and Paris’ PGP key is available here.
I have finally gotten the time to setup the needed v3 fronts for dread. This was long overdo but it was a priority to make sure that those who were getting attacked were able to gain meaningful uptime.

Within days the end game script will be released to the public for all to use. This will be the start of a new golden age. Where innovation will rule.

The new fully protected v3 address is:

Please bookmark it.

If you request too many things at once right now you should get a 500 error which will rate limit you. I’m going to correct that to export a message soon.

Note: For any uptime checker, if you want to check for uptime you must either send a full GET or request for HEAD. Pretty much all other requests are either filtered or blocked.

Let me know of any bugs! :D

For more information about v3 onion services, the official spec is available here (torproject.org). The new address is available on the Dread listing on this site and a copy of the announcement is included as a signature until Paris or HugBunter sign a more standard message.