Dread is Back Online with Dark Mode

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Dread, the darkweb’s version of Reddit, came back online after several extended periods of downtime caused by an ongoing DDoS attack. Dread came back with a whole bunch of new features and improvements, making the site even easier to use.
It relaunched with some new features too, such as night le dark mode.
Dread Alert

He posted on Reddit: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 We are back up and running, sorry for the delay, site is updated and a full list of changes has been published! http://dreadditevelidot.onion/ If the site goes down, I have a method of safely sharing new mirrors which will be put in place if that does occur. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEEYTOs4fS4fFHb8/6l6GEFEPmm6SIFAlziqaIACgkQ6GEFEPmm 6SJzWA//T0FDEObg6gy8VMEjJTKcXPEszc2ZRFzg8aj2X6uOCLaC9rVObHiZO3nO SaTR7UGWXiUw6wwj5RRfW8OoUBjlsXnug96ZW+LAI225NzYbIw1hdp4S0Y4dRDYk Jb2n2TDxLy697VfMQXC5c1N2mlWDrAJJvu7+NY03YY3c4mNiGMN0ZQhsETNe2UgB VCWBk8Km528AEM4WBKO8w41/aLTPKWPRJPOo6h1MgrCAe9tnBWq3WSOqyTa1b+JX sMsIJ+Y2m8vJ+Eh4jW3IObg+rDUwWKo7tnylqXcJtSvFgjv6SqNueRP7cGp5p1tM 5K0w/F5hgH4acr/zMAO2TquYQ+sSNlbVXw0/+jNeHYEABE96EXm95JZcYi6kMp5+ g1sCVbwmxENafhcFhMKEWSqKLzE584Gf5VL/41pNyFVCnC40oan3A0sG1ttyR7GS 44uhZcqqZG4ovJXHOZNOJnty6NOS8w6TmT/JnxaqaXuCS+DYAcVpA/HXKx4gSxK+ 7uXU5wgz8HX/9aWh5sVlz3f0fyBGf38k9ah9rDb5Nk1yIqDGuiJNFME8qjg02ckd 1+z6LxhHbFBRFIiZfdvWeTBnq6NZUKdV2jASf3/3YrzHNsWJrOz3CikOtUZQ0tc7 k1fGupsp8Wpk3wN47RPO5bhL16l8PQTvT+eHbMK50AL9iNjwJ90= =PNXu -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
So, what’s new?

  • Posts/Comments can now be viewed separately on user profiles.
  • Conversations/Messaging always require filling out a captcha field now, they are also unique per conversation so there are no issues with opening multiple messages and the captcha becoming invalidated.
  • You are now automatically unsubscribed from subs you are banned from, simply open said sub for this to occur if you are stuck subscribed to a sub already.
  • When banned from a subdread, you can now message the moderators still.
  • Fixed some issues with PGP key verification and error handling.
  • You can now cross post threads to any public subdread you are subscribed to.
  • PM spam should now be extremely minimal due to spam detection changes.
  • Captcha images are now slightly more complex.
  • 3 character searches are now possible and search has been slightly improved, the next update should completely remove irellevant results for partial matches.
  • Favicon has been fixed and should still be visible when DDOS captcha page is enabled.
  • Pop out “Login anywhere” has been added, this has a fixed captcha until a failed login attempt so that new captcha images aren’t generated on every page load. This will reduce the need to load a separate page during high load just so that you can login.
  • DDOS captcha has been disabled for now.
  • You can now delete your account from your account settings page, this is permanent and we will not be able to recover your account. Your content will still remain unless deleted beforehand, but will not be linked to the original username at all.
  • When users are banned, their PMs will now be immediately purged.
  • Services and Onion list pages have now been removed as they are irellevant and unused. Onion list replacement is on the way shortly.
  • Notifications for multi-page comments have now been fixed and should correctly link to the location of said comment. This will still be incorrect when the comment is linked to from profiles etc, partial fix for this is also on the way.
  • 1 year club trophy added to profiles older than 1 year. More trophies to be added soon.
  • The JavaScript warning message should now show correctly, and will hopefully not flash up intermittently for users with JS disabled.
  • New API updates integrated, more info for this shortly.
  • Night mode has been added FINALLY, you can now give your eyes a rest when using Dread. It can be toggled via the homepage sidebar or from the website footer.

  • You can access Dread at the main onion address: dreadditevelidot.onion.

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