Doctor Attempted to Hire a Hitman

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A medical doctor pleaded guilty to attempting to hire a hitman on the dark web to kill his girlfriend.

James Wan

Dr. James Wan, 54, of Georgia, admitted he deposited more than $16,000 into the escrow of an undisclosed dark web murder-for-hire site and placed an order to have his girlfriend murdered.
The FBI learned of Wan's plot from an undisclosed media organization that researches dark web murder-for-hire sites.
The FBI established that Wan created an account on the site on April 18, 2022, and placed the order. In the order details, Wan included his girlfriend's name, address, and Facebook account. He also gave out the description of the victim's car and its license plate. He also left instructions that indicated that he wanted the murder to look like a robbery gone wrong.
After placing the order, Wan sent approximately $8,000 in Bitcoin to the site as a downpayment for the order. He later contacted the site's admin seeking clarification on why the Bitcoin deposit had not been credited to his account on the site. The admin confirmed that Wan had sent the Bitcoin to the wrong address. In response, Wan said, "Damn. I guess I lost $8k. I’m sending $8k to escrow now."
Wan made a new deposit of $8,000 and the admin confirmed that he had deposited to the correct address. When asked whether he would like the hit on his girlfriend to look like an "accident or normal shooting," Wan said, "Accident is better."
On April 29, Wan deposited another $8,000 into the site's escrow to complete the payment for the hit. On May 10, he deposited an additional $1,200 to the site's escrow to cover the difference occasioned by Bitcoin's price drop.
The FBI contacted the victim after learning of the plot against her and placed her under their protection.
On being questioned, Wan admitted that he had placed the order and checked on its status daily. The agents acquired evidence from Wan's phone and Bitcoin wallet that proved he had orchestrated the murder-for-hire plot.
Wan pleaded guilty to one count of using a facility of interstate commerce in the commission of murder-for-hire on October 17, 2023. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for January 18, 2024. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

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Welcome to darkweb


Hit man scams are not uncommon but a doctor being involved is, we’re talking about a highly educated, dedicated to their career and intelligent individual. Furthermore, what’s wrong with just dumping the girlfriend and getting a new one, even if it wasn’t love I’m sure with 25 grand he could have easily found another arrangement. Crime of passion I suppose, an easy one to prosecute as well: all the personal information he provided about his girlfriend and I think it’s safe to say he sent the funds straight from an exchange account linked to his bank account.


revange is when someone fucks with you and living thinking he get away with it , i will do the samething never forgating it , in islam we are born to be kings you dont bagge god or forgat take it or live with the shame.

Qanon Jones2023-10-24

Wow, Wan looks so dreamy. Dreaming of that heavenly day when his gf is gunned down in her tracks. This is the second Dr. I've heard of to order a hit on an significant other. They're so busy with lab reports that they never have time to check if murder for hire sites are legit. A simply google search would explain it to them. They think in terms of quick solutions and fuck the fine print.

Fox Mulder2023-11-03

Yeah. I been watching this happen for years; Doctors, Church Women's group pastors, accountants, etc. These "educated" people have no clue, they think the darknet is this wizardly place where voodoo-practicing computer nerds provide the ultimate in technological security. Nope. The hitman sites, their admins have little pity, and I think the admin is hilarious for making him pay another 1200 "for the price drop in btc". He was just punishing him at this point. Good for the admin. and Good for Besa Mafia lol.


When they gonna learn you always get caught when hiring a hit man.


Smart enough to get a degree and dumb enough to not use monero. Well played, doktor.


People won't learn that hitman services are exclusive to Clinton's Family. No one else has the privilege of using them, at least nowadays



Grony Smith2023-10-27

In prison he could add some medical know-how like making tattoos or removing them. Also he could practice Tai chi, slow movements inside the cell. He could specialize in some kind of prison medicine. Also he could publish: The James Wan-way: The doctor who did wrong on the Darknet and discovered Tai Chi. For $8.000 in Bitcoin he would have gotten a nice bunch of roses and even some hookers! But now the $8.000 are gone and we don´t know if the media organization is not .... DarkNetLive ! Dr.Wang has done no good and we should not underestimate such criminal and anti-social behaviour. His girlfriend has also learned a valuable lesson. You shouldn´t aim too high when dating. Better have some fun with equally uneducated than having to go out with a bunch of FBI moles.

fuck you 2023-10-29

your a dumpass dont try to be smart, the shit you spit just show how much gay you are , get rid of that culture it was made by gays and not reason


You'd think a medical doctor would be able to do the job with the right cocktail of pharmaceuticals to make it look like an accident during an autopsy.


Right no shit lol


where do these ppl find these fucking scams?? u would think a doctor would be capable of finding a real hitman for hire site on the darkweb. lmao even educated ppl dont know how to find a not scam site now

himothy jenkins 2023-11-09

rookie lol


Funniest part is how he sent 8k to a wrong address. This is bullish for BTC