Dealer Sentenced for Selling Meth Purchased on the Darkweb

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A New Hampshire drug dealer was sentenced to five years in prison for reselling drugs purchased on the darkweb.
William McKay, 48, of Rochester, was sentenced to 60 months in federal prison after admitting conspiracy with intent to distribute methamphetamine. According to court documents, McKay conspired with two other defendants to sell methamphetamine. McKay had ordered a total of approximately 742 grams of methamphetamine from the darkweb. In recorded statements to law enforcement officers, McKay admitted ordering the methamphetamine to sell with his co-conspirators, James Nesbit and Haley Hansler.
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On November 3, 2018, an informant told the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that McKay and Nesbit had ordered a package of drugs on the darkweb. The informant said the men were waiting at Nesbit’s house for the package’s arrival. The DEA then intercepted a package addressed to Nesbit’s house. It contained 330 grams of methamphetamine.

[Editor/DNL note: the informants in this case had hilariously questionable records as reliable informants. See the paragraph below which came from page four of the McKay criminal complaiunt.]
[Confidential Source] (CS-1) was arrested by the New Hampshire State Police for possession of a controlled drug and is cooperating with the DEA in hopes of receiving favorable treatment with respect to pending drug charges. CS-1 has various convictions for theft and has been convicted of drug sales and possession, simple assault and violation of probation. CS-1 is a regular drug user. While CS-1 was cooperating with law enforcement, CS-1 was arrested after drugs were found in his/her car when he/she was stopped for driving without a license. CS-1 claimed that he/she was unaware of the drugs in the car and that they were left there by someone else. Additionally, on one occasion when CS-1 was assisting DEA in an unrelated investigation, he/she used a small amount of drugs. CS-1 explained that he/she thought if he/she did not do so, the subject of the investigation would notice that something was out of the ordinary and he/she would be identified as a cooperator. After both of these incidents, CS-1 was admonished that he/she cannot illegally use or possess drugs. During a December 2018 debriefing conducted by agents with CS-[1,] CS-[1] admitted to purchasing small personal use amounts from RAND and WORSTER. CS-[1] stated he/she did this approximately two times after being originally admonished by DEA in September of 2018 during another investigation. CS-[1] was advised this type of activity was strictly prohibited, and would lead to CS-[1]’s de-activation as a DEA CS.

The footnote references a second CS but only one CS appears in this case.

The same informant, once again, provided the DEA with evidence of another crime. On November 7, 2018, the informant told the DEA that McKay and his co-conspirators had received a package of methamphetamine. The informant added Nesbit’s name to the list of co-conspirators and provided the DEA with the suspects’ location. All three were in the process of driving to a hotel. Nesbitt had “several fingers of fentanyl” and was driving to a hotel in North Conway in his Ford F-250 truck, according to the informant.

Nesbit in his Booking photo | Hampton Police

State police spotted the truck and a Jaguar sedan owned by McKay. Hansler drove the Ford truck and Nesbitt sat in the passenger seat. Hansler was “driving erratically,” according to police. Police conducted a traffic stop. During the stop, the police searched the truck and seized $6,000 in cash and 58 grams of heroin. They also seized unquantified amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine.
“Haley, I had crystal meth in my pocket, I’m going to jail,” Nesbitt shouted to Hansler during the traffic stop.
During questioning, Nesbitt told investigators that the $6,000 came from a winning lottery ticket. Later, Nesbitt admitted the $6,000 came from meth distribution. He explained that the drug trafficking conspiracy netted him around $2,000 every week.

One of this customers will be less than pleased when their front door comes down.

Nesbitt told the DEA that McKay had purchased methamphetamine on the darkweb and had used Nesbitt’s home address to receive the packages. Nesbitt said he was angry that McKay had used his address. Nesbitt admitted booking the hotel after receiving the package and had taken the six ounces of methamphetamine with him to the hotel. He planned to split it with McKay at the hotel.
The DEA executed a search warrant at the hotel room later that day and seized 171 grams of methamphetamine and small quantities of fentanyl.
Both Nesbit and Hansler pleaded guilty in early 2020 to various drug crimes. Hansler was sentenced to five years in federal prison in April 2020. Nesbit was sentenced to 10 years in prison in November 2020.
Mckay pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute methamphetamine and to distributing methamphetamine on October 23, 2020. He was sentenced to five years in federal prison on April 13, 2021.

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