DDoSer behind recent market downtime on Tor reaches out to market admins

~1 min read | Published on 2023-02-28, tagged DDOS using 183 words.

According to multiple sources, the notorious DDoSer behind recent DDoS attacks launched on onion services reached out to a select number of market admins in the last 48 hours. The individual claims that all ddos attacks will be ceased for the next few days, and offered a ransom in exchange for continuous uptime.

Your correspondent has reached out to several market admins for comment, who all refused to go on the record for this matter. The offer is obvious a prisoner's dilemma since if any of the concerned admins decided to roll over, the DDoSer will gain access to funding to continue the DDoS on all other markets. It is suspected that the individual has run out of funding, due to the fact that no market admin has agreed to pay ransom for almost a year up to this point.

In addition, the Tor project team has increased focus and dedicated manpower to resolve the issue regarding intro cell attacks and other attack vectors which allows the DDoS attacks to happen. The walls are closing in, and what the admins do remains to be seen.

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hugbunter grabbing his last shekel


Sama saja 😂


aw jeez i wonder which forum admin is behind this




Its gustav bitch.


desnake went missing and the attack stops, what a fucking coincidence

fuck AB2023-03-01

this. 'snake' was always built right into his name


The attack: A) hasn't stopped B) also targets Dont get me wrong I dont like desnake either, but it doesnt make sense to target your own service. Especially if you were running low on funds.

Sleazeball 2023-02-28

Lol now darknetlive is getting dosed. Fuck off, DDoS some government websites faggot


They probably are government agents...who the fuck else would need to do it


Doubt it. Bitch has been asking market admins for money


LOL fucking hugbunter


its time to more over to i2p


it is true.


I2p is worse right now under sustained sybil attack you dumbfuck

desnake Admin2023-02-28

Hey guys it was me desnake

Tony Montana2023-03-01

..and i am Tony Montana

real desnake2023-03-06



I have a big feeling Desnake is behind this and I'm sure there are some other players involved as well. Fortunately they only hit me for a little coin, but the biggest damage is the interruption of supply for business. Jumping markets all the time and trying to track migrating vendors gets so fucking old. Thank god for the few DD vendors I still have from the WH and Icarus days. Ahhh... memories.


> According to multiple sources, the notorious DDoSer behind recent DDoS attacks launched on onion services reached out to a select number of market admins in the last 48 hours. Which sources are those? Is this just a rumour? How do we know this is true? Because you say? I'm not trying to be rude. We would all just like a little more specific information. The more specific the information, the more informative and the better the writing. Old DNL was quite good at this and I hope you will continue in his tradition.


Hi, you know I have to protect my sources on this matter, they have been threatened to deal under the table or they'll get ddosed again.


fuck hugbunter, everyone who uses dread is a faggot who deserves their fate


based fuck dread and hugbunter


Incredible..you would have to be an extremely self loathing individual to try and attempt to hold something as amazing as Tor and DarkNetLive "Hostage". Then to try and drag it on month after month? Although with time surely you will wither back to whatever miserable, dull, and dare I say fucking meaningless existence you call a life. Far, far, away from the rest of us. Just trying to find a little peace and joy through the journey of life. Thankfully, with the amazing people who support Tor and DarkNetLive its never to hard to find. ;)


Yeah, we have been under heavy DDoS attack after this article was put up. Might just be a coincidence, but who knows?


I’d argue there’s no such thing as a coincidence lol long love DN journalism


I explained all this on reddit and was muted and accounts nuked. DeSnake is the cops and HUGB is just as complicit with them. Disc0ntinue.


Can you proof or verify anything of this?

Out and Out2023-03-03

as vendor and with a lot of respect for alphabay and i wish it comes back one thing is i would find it hard to beleive the cops would run a market for that much time but the whole thing was fishy as fuck all tickets got moved to desnake who was always missing, thecypriot banned lots of vendors the whole thing just had such a weird feeling. not accessible because of such an easily fixeable thing. More weird than bigmuslces maybe desnake will come back when the DDoS stops but it the whole thing looks grim All other markets are shit or almost gone to the shit


If i check dark.fail there all market links have been dead for weeks. @DarknetLive there is already a decentralized market tech that is fully developed for a couple years now and cant be ddos or hacked. There is going to web portal developed for it in a year so no having to sync blockchains but it works now, maybe write an article on it so darkmarkets dont completely die out? particl.io


it can't be "fully developed" unless its actually deployed in the field at scale dumbfuck. Until it is there's no way for you to know whether it can't be hacked. Your unqualified claim makes u look stupid.


do you guys think migarting to i2p would stop the ddos isuues ? im aware i2p is getting attacked by fake floodfill routers but if i2p is truly a peer to peer network why dont most DNMs s pack it up on tor and move to i2p could it be a simple solution ? or not as simple ?


All these fucking troll loosers bashing Hugbunter are obvious so jeleous of what he has accomplished is sad. Sure dread had its ups and down. I think mommy is calling you lame haters. Let's see you make a forum any better. Looses. Thanks Hug for all you do!


what do you do. Drag out the markets to make it harder on uas consumers. It's already fucked up we have to deal with the cops and govt agencies but we have to deal with your pride too. Fuck off.


Hugbunter and Desnake , dirty motherfuckers , they are LE (the REAL hug and REAL desnake are in jail ) , they ask for money to track market admins funds and associated wallets


Shut up you spanish motherfucker. LE is coming for you.


@mrquestionsnoanswers i2p has been tried before by markets and it always fails to get traffic. i2p vs tor onions is like choosing between constipation and diaherria, at least you can get some shit done with the latter.


It's not that bad with the rotating links on Bohemia and Kingdom. Doesn't work anymore on ASAP but there links work from time to time however


Could someone explain who and what hugbunter and desnake are and do? new to this stuff, and i'm in need of darkweb lore


hugbunter is the main Dev behind Dread the Darknet forums, isn't he working on releasing Dreads new site, thats what I heard from DoingFedTime aka killab

Helter Skelter2023-03-04

Speaking of dragging out month after month... the one DNM not under constant DDOS asshammering has been holding vendor and buyer funds hostage since January. All under the guise that one of their founding admins stole 500k and they need time to recoup. The one thing I hate about the DW is the inability to dull out street justice.


After reading these comments oh boy! dnms are full of lowlifes: buyers, sellers, admins. Whoever is buttfucking the markets into total prolapse, keep up the good work!


Vlad Putin and his friends need the money for their next military poffensive

hug b + paris = gay2023-03-08

hug bunter and desnake are behind this shit if you use dread you support this remember this.


power play, revenge , and money ...besides all the complicated details or hearsay - it always comes down to this. I'd say if it was LE, then enjoy the increase of 8000% in street crime , DM's actually keep street crime under control, create peace, and safety. ...but I bet the lawyers are all rubbing their hands with glee, and street dealers will be able to buy yachts again - my first thought was, drug bosses have worked out, more money to be made using the streets, be cause only the real hardened tough folks be bold enough to earn that way. Interesting how we did a study in the past few months, and UK capital cities filled up with black men, who were supposedly tourists lol ...yeah okay. Edinburgh being the worst, and the police won't touch em because they are scare of being called racist. - even though every Dodger trying to sell me pathetically stamped on horrible fake cocolame, was a black guy from Senegal or Gambia - or so they said... probably a lie.


LE, and government prefer to control their enemies ... that's why there's so much 'controlled opposition'. It makes sense to have peace, and intelligent adults purchasing what they want on dms, rather than violence, crime, and an upset to a controlled situation rather than have markets down. I know so many people who because they don't have their usual innocent chill pill, have turned their anger on local government, politics, and just straight up causing trouble - like a form of revenge on society because they believe it's LE. if the markets don't get sorted, riots will continue and get worse.... because now folks are turning to alcohol... the most dangerous and worse drug in the entire world that can be purchased every few meters in all stores across Europe !!! Angry people want to fight ... who is the enemy ? just watch the media ...I wouldn't be surprised if it's a push and cleanup to get cannon fodder prepared for war in Europe..... total speculation by the way.


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DDoS really isn't worthy of a real hacker because he's just plain dumb he needs to review those "how to ransom" courses just talking about him makes me cringe, that son of a dog is just 'a good-for-nothing, hacking is not for him, let him stop there are plenty of other jobs like "ransom seeker".


what is ??