Darknetlive v2 - Passing the Flame

~1 min read | Published on 2022-11-03, tagged Announcements using 146 words.

End of an Era

Darknetlive has maintained a great reputation on reporting the latest trends and stories on the darknet. It has lived up to it's standards for being the sole just and extensive resource for researchers and users for information regarding the respective field. For personal reasons, the old administrator has decided to leave the scene, and has left the site for his most supportive authors to maintain. We will be forever grateful that he chose to entrust this site to us.

Moving Onward

The entire site has been rewritten in order to solve issues that resulted from only utilizing pure markdown. Formats, layouts, and theme should not have changed much. Our new team hopes to uphold the legacy of Darknetlive and will commit our best efforts to do so from here on out.
Please note that the pgp key has rotated, so has the onion address as well.