Dark Web Ecstasy Buyer Avoids Prison

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An Oxford man received a two-year suspended sentence for purchasing ecstasy through the dark web and having it shipped to the UK from the Netherlands.

Ecstasy pills

According to media reports, the sentencing of 22-year-old Harry Sullivan resulted from the interception of two drug packages addressed to his residence in early 2021.
The Border Force intercepted the first suspicious package sent to Sullivan from the Netherlands on February 15, 2021. The officers found and seized 250 ecstasy tabs from the package.
Two weeks later, on March 3, the officers seized another parcel addressed to the defendant. On opening it, they found that it contained 59 grams of MDMA powder.
The cops arrested him on March 12 and seized his phone and laptop. On July 4, 2023, at the Oxford Magistrates’ Court, Sullivan pleaded guilty to two counts of importing class A drugs.
He received a two-year prison sentence suspended for two years. In addition to the suspended sentence, Sullivan was ordered to pay a fine of £425 and serve 46 days of rehabilitation activity requirement.
Sullivan's sentencing came after the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) announced that it had sent warning letters to suspected dark web drug buyers. The ERSOU sent the letters to hundreds of addresses across the UK, suspected of being recipients of drug packages.

Quote:Detective Inspector Graham Paul
The implications of taking substances purchased from the dark web could be significant – ‘prescription’ medicine found online is often of poor quality and may not contain the ingredients normally found in legitimate medication, which clearly presents a very real health risk. I would also add that the dark web is not as anonymous as people think and those that use it for illicit activity could find themselves part of one of our investigations.

Over the last 18 months, investigators from ERSOU’s Dark web Intelligence, Collection and Exploitation (DICE) team, reportedly arrested several suspects after intercepting and seizing illicit substances worth more than £500,000. The investigators believe dark web vendors had mailed the substances they seized.

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im confused how they caught him did they 2 controlled deliverys or just catch him accepting it on the second one? im wondering how they got enough evidence that they for sure knew it was him that ordered it.


Read one more time


"the officers seized another parcel addressed to the defendant." - He could have been so stupid as to have his real name on the package. Who knows.


yeah coulda been someone ordering it to their house


Does it make u stupid having your real name on the package then? Only if the drugs is of a substantial amount, i suppose. I think it might automatically red-flags the postal services having a fake name on a package, to your address. But that's just my theory.


Really, one package didn't arrive, so he bought another of 59g of MDMA. That's no small amount. Far out. Still not really of concern to people who bought 1-5g of MDMA for personal use. 59G of MDMA is 590 effective doses. That's enough to make $50k if you do it right. You'd need to be pretty stupid to use a real address for these quantities, then when a package is late/not delivered, order another one. Maybe be smart with such large quantities, or just get 1-5g for yourself and girlfriend/boyfriend.


50k? more like 5k


59 grs, 590 doses?? where do you live its sold 0.1 grs of mdma? i mean a 10th part of a gram ?? no mate , as much would be 118 doses if he would sell half a gram , that is the minimum that is sold , not bellow 1/2 gr issold


"59G of MDMA is 590 effective doses. That's enough to make $50k if you do it right." 50k lol. You are fucking high.


from laws and inspection anything from Netherlands grits flagged for secondary postal opening


Then why does so much shit make it through? Stop talking out of your ass.

My name?2023-08-18

Tonight I heard several shots. Neither did I go to see what happened nor went I to the street where something could happen. Also no neighbor has gossiped about those shots, as far as I know. In my opinion, with regards to Opsec, one should not put ones nose in other peoples business. We have nothing to hide. But are innocent unless presumed otherwise. The Darknet is a nice place, but there are stalker in the Clearnet.


how do i get to the clearnet

Bad Math2023-08-29

"59G of MDMA is 590 effective doses. That's enough to make $50k if you do it right." To make $50,000 with 590 doses (0.10g or 100mg ea) would mean your selling ea dose @ $100 ea......Where do you live that a pill/cap/dose goes for $100 a pop @ 100mg ea????

Bad Math2023-08-29

My bad too fucked up too do math right now.... its 590 doses (@100mg) at $84.75 a dose ...... expensive xtc pill =P

Tap Can Binh2023-09-03

Vietnam Number One ! China fuckyou -)))