Czech Republic: Five Sentenced for Reselling Ecstasy

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Five Czech citizens were sentenced to prison pleading guilty to roles in the distribution of drugs purchased on the darkweb.
The five men appeared before the Ostrava Regional Court on October 20, 2021, for sentencing. Two defendants received custodial sentences and the other three received suspended sentences. The first two defendants admitted being in charge of the operation. The other three played minor roles in the group’s activities.

A police takedown during the Czech Airlines case.

Police learned of the group after arresting an undisclosed darkweb drug vendor in the Czech Republic. During a raid at the vendor’s house, the police seized a ledger that included customer information.
The sales records revealed that the main defendant had purchased approximately 20,000 ecstasy tablets from the vendor. The records showed the defendant had purchased between 50 and 500 ecstasy pills at one time. He had them shipped to his home via the Czech Post.
The police executed a search warrant at the main defendant’s residence. The search led to the discovery of a cannabis grow room and evidence of cannabis distribution. While being questioned, the defendant told the police that he had stopped purchasing, using, and reselling drugs.

A police takedown during the Czech Airlines case.

He disclosed that after purchasing the drugs on the darkweb, he distributed them to his accomplices who resold them in the streets and nightclubs. The police rounded up his co-conspirators.
All of whom have confessed and pleaded guilty.
The main defendant was sentenced to five years and six months in prison. He was also ordered to forfeit two vehicles and other assets that he had purchased with the proceeds of the drug trafficking operation.

A police takedown during the Czech Airlines case.

The second defendant was sentenced to four years in prison. He was also ordered to forfeit assets he had acquired from the sale of the drugs.
The other three received suspended sentences. Two of them were also ordered to pay a $4,500 fine.

DNL note: this story is somewhat linked to the CzechAirlines bust. Right around the time police busted the group behind Czech Airlines, they also busted a vendor who I believe remains unidentified. The group mentioned in this article was busted immediately after those two busts.

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