Counterfeit Xanax Vendor Busted in Colorado

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A Grand Junction, Colorado, man was arrested for selling pressed fentanyl pills and pressed alprazolam (Xanax) pills on the darkweb using an undisclosed vendor account on an unknown market.

“Henry claimed to have only made a few sales, not for very many pills”
Jail Record: Mesa County Jail (pdf)Excerpt
The Daily Sentinel reported:
Richard A. Henry, 32, was taken into custody when Western Colorado Drug Task Force investigators, Mesa County sheriff’s deputies and a Grand Junction police officer searched Apartment D at 1525 White Ave., an arrest affidavit said.

Henry, whom the detective described as cooperative, told police he had been pressing fentanyl into little blue pills, and that he thought he had used all the fentanyl powder but wasn’t sure.

Investigators donned “significant protective gear” and continued their search, recovering several hundred small blue pills that Henry identified as fentanyl, several hundred pressed Xanax bar pills and several baggies containing loose white powder, one of which tested positive for the presence of fentanyl, the report said.

Henry allegedly told police he bought the pill press online on sale for $499. He said he normally only makes Xanax bars with his press.

He also said he buys the actual drug powders on the anonymous “dark web” using bitcoin, an encrypted digital currency. He said he then mixes the pills in a mixing machine, presses them into pills and sells them on the dark web again, “saying that he did not want to peddle his wares close to home,” the report said.

“Henry claimed to have only made a few sales, not for very many pills”Charges
We are looking for a vendor who recently went inactive and sold pressed bars and oxycodone pills. Since the oxycodone pills were pressed with fentanyl, there is a good chance he did not sell on Dream market. WallStreet Market is the most likely marketplace.