Classified NATO Documents Are Being Sold on the Darkweb

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Hackers are selling classified NATO documents on the darkweb, according to a local news organization.
The Armed Forces General Staff agency of Portugal (EMGFA) suffered a “prolonged and unprecedented cyberattack” that resulted in the sale of classified NATO documents on the darkweb, according to the local news organization Diario de Noticias.
According to Bleeping Computer’s report, “American cyber-intelligence agents noticed the sale of stolen documents and alerted the U.S. embassy in Lisbon, which in turn warned the Portuguese government about the data breach.”

“We contribute to national and international security” | EMGFA website

In response to questions from Diario de Noticias, the Prime Minister’s office wrote:
“Whenever there is a suspicion of compromising the cybersecurity of information system networks, the situation is extensively analyzed and all procedures are implemented to reinforce cybersecurity awareness and the correct handling of information to face new types of threats. If, and when, a security compromise is confirmed, the subsequent investigation into whether there was disciplinary and/or criminal liability automatically determines the adoption of appropriate procedures.”

News outlets have reached out to the involved agencies, but it appears as if they will not be offering any more information.

Classified NATO documents stolen from Portugal, now sold on darkweb |,,

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hello fellow westerner who is selling it? i want to research this


I mean, I don’t know because you didn’t store that kind of shit on this w***3***bsite


Bom... it seems that something has happened in Portugal that should not have happened. If the Documents were in English that should be no Problem for most of us. But I suspect that the Documents are in Portuguese. And so rather than being Nato documents are the Portuguese contribution to Nato. Portugal has a large Beach Coast and could be invaded by Jamaika. The documents were not stolen they were copied. Looking around I have only found Hezbollah selling counterfeit Dollars http://uoxqi4lrfqztugili7zzgygibs4xstehf5hohtkpyqcoyryweypzkwid.onion/?img=201661988099.JPG Hackers are selling blablabla... What else should they do with such documents? I mean, what else should they sell.


In which market is this information sold? Admin, please give a link


I hope a big cyber attack will happen on NATO or any of the three letter agencies that causes mass panic.




These documents shouldn't be sold. They should be given away for free on 'free' book websites masqueraded after popular titles. Take the latest popular book, add some of your NATO PDF files as PDF attachments inside the dummy PDF, then upload. People will upload again, and other people will reupload again, without knowing they proliferated the documents all over the place. Go wild! If only we had ransomware gangs only attacking govt entities, I would even donate to their cause to my best ability.


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-Classified NATO Documents Are Being Sold on the Darkweb- Where can I buy one or two pages of them. If they are Nato Documents and Classified they´re for sure not in cheapah.


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