Canadian Drugs Vendor Busted

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Authorities in Nova Scotia, Canada, with help from the HSI, arrested and charged a man suspected of distributing prescription drugs through the dark web.

Drugs and other items seized from the vendor

John Nicholas Allen-Simec, 37, of Halifax, is accused of distributing ketamine, MDMA, Xanax, and other drugs throughout Canada and the United States via an undisclosed vendor profile.
The Nova Scotia RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime (FSOC) arrested Allen-Simec following an operation dubbed Operation Hackstone. The operation was launched in February 2023 after the HSI informed Canadian authorities of a suspected dark web drugs vendor based in Nova Scotia exporting opioids to the US.
The use of undercover purchases and surveillance reportedly led to the identification of Allen-Simec. Authorities in Canada and the US also intercepted several drug packages mailed by the defendant.
The investigators executed search warrants at various locations associated with Allen-Simec's drug trafficking operation on August 30. The searches resulted in the seizure of undisclosed quantities of hydromorphone, Dexedrine, ketamine, MDMA, Xanax, and other prescription drugs. They also seized a Toyota Rav4, electronic devices, and packaging and mailing material.

The 2021 Toyota Rav4

Forensic analysis of the electronic devices allegedly resulted in the recovery of drug trafficking evidence. The investigators also found and gained access to Allen-Simec's crypto wallets.

Quote:Magdalena Sigur, Homeland Security Investigations
Criminal actors are relentless in their attempts to exploit the anonymity of the Dark Web to traffic illicit drugs into our communities. The global nature of cyber-enabled crime commands strong partnerships between Homeland Security Investigations and our international law enforcement partners. Operation Hackstone is an excellent example of HSI's close partnership with Nova Scotia RCMP and the results that can be accomplished through international unified efforts.

Allen-Simec was consequently charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance for trafficking, two counts of possession of a controlled substance for exporting, six counts of exporting a controlled substance, and four counts of trafficking a controlled substance.
He was released on bond and will appear before the Halifax Provincial Court on November 6, 2023.

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in canada. he will get a kiss on the lips and time out of 6 months




Ah yes, the old, "prove to me you didn't use drug money to buy this thing i found in your house" trick. Works most of the time

fuck feds2023-10-25

Legalize all drugs


undisclosed profile, means that the feds might still have their hands on it. careful to all Canadians, may want to screen where shipments are coming from and avoid any NS vendors until all the details are released.


i wonder how hard prison time is in CA compared to US. Might not be a bad stretch for him


is freedom different in one country than another overcrowded understaffed overworked gaurds desensitized surrounded by mentally ill uneducated lost and forgotten souls where racism is more real then the streets. thats both countries and there is no rhebilitation


I have a feeling the US is going to try and extradite for prosecution in American court

Identity 2023-10-26

Interesting how it was not disclosed the quantities found from the warrant as small amounts are typically disclosed. Was this dude the Canadian Walter White driving around in his Rav4? Didn’t encrypt his laptop, usb devices or external drives which isn’t atypical for a vendor. Encryption certainly slows a fellow down eh?





Hitsujiko Nakade2023-11-04

freedom drug's kiss ciass


Well one thing is for sure.....he had that Rav4 clean as a muthafucka! His files shoulda takin a lesson from the detail-er :( This sucks the big one brothas! live 'SAFE'.. (S)ecure (A)ll (F)iles (E)very time...... nuf said:)

theo morell2023-11-13

what is the name of the vendor? anyone know?


I remember the apple baggies which you can see on the picture but not sure which vendor was it as I used many of them will check which one was not online recently tho

STOP Snitching2023-12-01

If whats shown is all they got then this was a smaller vendor that just didn't use safety precautions for anonymity.....sad. Legalize and regulate / tax all substances and stop taking non-violent offenders away from their family for years by imprisoning them - these tactics don't stop or even slow down drug sales or use. Also . so many times these are otherwise good - non violent offenders just trying to get ahead enough to help their kids / family live above the poverty level!!