Breakdown of the Child Abuse Case in Wurzburg

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In Würzburg, Bavaria, investigators have identified a second suspect in an ongoing case into employees of a daycare center who allegedly uploaded child abuse pictures and videos to sites on the darkweb.
One of the suspects, according to recent announcement from German authorities, had worked at two different childcare centers. Last month, federal authorities showed pictures of children uploaded to the darkweb by a daycare worker to the parents of potential victims. At least one boy was identified in the pictures. The police also identified a second suspect who admitted abusing children and uploading content. The original “second suspect” was cleared of wrongdoing.
Chief Prosecutor Christian Schorr of the Central Cybercrime Bavaria:
It will be further examined, whether even more premises as crime scenes are considered,The number of identified victims is still in the single-digit range.
Suspect Idenified as a Würzburg speech therapist
A speed therapist who is suspected of abuse, has worked in a second Protestant day care center. “We are aware that the accused was active as a therapist in another kindergarten,” said the deanery of the Evangelical Lutheran Church on Friday on demand. Whether also at this kindergarten abuse is suspected, was initially unclear.Victim Identified - Defendant to Cooperate
According to his lawyer, the accused speech therapist wants to cooperate with the investigators in the Würzburg child porn case. The 37-year-old had given his password, to the police so they could access encrypted data on his computer, said the Würzburg lawyer Jan Paulsen.
Among the victims spotted in pictures and videos on the darkweb are children at a day care center. The photos were taken in the day care center in the district Heuchelhof. The public prosecutor’s office so far does not assume that the staff of the day care knew of the recordings. The investigators are still working to identify more crime scenes and victims.
Dean of the Daycare Center, Eddie Weise:
A new provisional leadership was set up. As a daycare provider, we are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children and their parents. That’s a big commitment to us. The Kita’s trained staff of emergency counseling and police are available as contact persons for families and employees. We would like to continue our daycare, but this is only possible with the trust of the parents. Therefore, the carrier has worked with experts of the Youth Welfare and Youth Welfare several measures. It is very important to us to respond to the needs and fears of children and their parents.

April - Parents of Potential Victims See Censored Photos from the Darkweb
In the case of abuse of the speech therapist from Würzburg, the investigators parents of potential victims have shown photos from the seized material. The 37-year-old speech therapist is said to have made child pornography with little boys in a grand style and spread in the so-called Darknet.
The material submitted to the parents was edited so that no explicit scenes of abuse can be seen - but for example, garments that could help with the identification, said a spokesman for the Central Cybercrime Bavaria on Friday the German Press Agency. To the scope of the survey, the speaker did not provide information. In the coming days, according to his information, further parents are going to sift through images.
The sports association DJK Würzburg has responded to the arrest of a 37-year-old therapist for abuse and child pornography. The man had led in the club a preventive exercise offer for children, said the DJK on his side.
“We are shocked and upset. We are working intensively with the police to support the investigation with everything we can contribute, “said the chairman of the DJK Würzburg, Sonja Buchberger, on Monday. Whether children are affected in the courses of the man, is not certain yet. The investigation was expressly not directed against the club. Rather, the offer of this exercise leader was one of the areas in which the man had contact with children. The sports federation DJK Würzburg was founded in 1920 and belongs according to own data with its approximately 1800 members to the large sports clubs of the city
There is a “wide range of crime scenes”, a large number of contact with children - “over a period of several years,” said Chief Prosecutor Christian Schorr of the Central Cybercrime Bavaria at the Attorney General Bamberg on Monday , According to the findings, the suspect’s foster children did not count as operas. The 37-year-old speech therapist and his partner had been caring for a four-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl for years.
The city had the children examined by forensic medicine, said a spokeswoman for the city. Both are physically and mentally well. They were accommodated at readiness caregivers.
Even against the partner, the investigation has not been set, said Schorr. But there is no urgent suspicion. “It is believed that it is a realistic possibility that he did not know about his partner’s activities.”

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