Austrian Teen Ordered 1,500 Ecstasy Pills

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According to a press release from police in Upper Austria, a officers caught a teenager who had been ordering ecstasy pills from the darkweb and reselling them to other teenagers in the region.
On March 30, police stopped a 16-year-old in Braunau and found a single ecstasy pill. The police took the teenager into custody and questioned them about their supplier. The teenager identified another teen in Braunau as the supplier of her ecstasy and other substances.
The police located and arrested the primary suspect “in the act,” according to the press release. Officers found him riding a bicycle that had been reported stolen by someone else. On the teenager’s person, the police found 22 ecstasy pills and a small weight of MDMA in a crystal form. The police then searched the teenager’s house where they found nearly 1,800 different kinds of tablets. The majority of them were ecstasy pills. He also had 250 grams of marijuana, 75 grams of amphetamine, and unquantified amounts of LSD, cocaine, codeine pills, and psychedelic mushrooms.
The police learned that he had been purchasing the drugs on the darkweb to sell to other teenagers in the area. Only a small portion of the drugs were intended for personal use.
Source: LPD Upper Austria

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