Austrian man Sentenced for Purchasing Marijuana on the Dark Web

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A 32-year-old from Frankenfels was imprisoned after he admitted he used the dark web to buy and import kilograms of marijuana. The man is reportedly a marijuana addict and consumed most of the marijuana. He had made only four sales.
The 32-year-old, whose name has not been disclosed, was prosecuted in the St. Polten regional court for drug trafficking and unauthorized consumption of narcotics. The prosecution told the court that the defendant ordered 12 kilograms of marijuana on the dark web. The drugs were then mailed from either the Netherlands or Spain while hidden in oil cans. The defendant then consumed most of the marijuana and sold six Kgs of it to another man.
In his confession, the defendant told the court that to purchase the marijuana, he accessed the dark web from an internet café and placed an order in an undisclosed dark web marketplace. He also disclosed that he started using marijuana when he was a teenager, and his consumption grew into an addiction that forced him to take 3 to 5 grams every day. He said that he only managed to sell a little of the marijuana to four customers, and as a result, he did not make a big profit.
At the end of his testimony, the 32-year old remorsefully expressed his wish to seek professional help to free himself from the addiction and focus on sports in the future. The presiding judge sentenced him to 2 years in prison including eight suspended months. The 32-year-old was also ordered to undergo outpatient therapy sessions while under the supervision of a probation officer.
In yet another case in Austria, an elderly couple from Linz that had ordered dresses online from the Netherlands reportedly received a package that contained 24,800 ecstasy pills worth 500,000 euros. The couple initially thought the pills were decorative beads, but the husband grew suspicious and took the package back to the post office. The postal inspectors informed the City police of Linz of the suspicious package.
According to a press release by the Northern Austrian Police, investigations revealed that the drug package should have delivered to Scotland from the Netherlands. Since the package had references to the intended recipient in Scotland, the Austrian authorities shared the information with the Scottish Police. The Scottish Police then liaised with the National Crime Agency and arrested a suspect believed to have ordered the ecstasy pills on the dark web from a vendor in the Netherlands. Dutch authorities have reportedly expressed their interest in the case and initiated an investigation targeting the sender of the pills.