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Austrian Man Arrested for Alleged Amphetamine Purchase

The Styria State Police Directorate announced the arrest of a 28-year-old man from Fürstenfeld, Styria, for allegedly ordering amphetamine and ecstasy on the darkweb. The investigation began on February 9, 2022, when Customs officers in Vienna intercepted a suspicious package.

The package was allegedly addressed to the suspect. Authorities opened the package and reportedly discovered unspecified quantities of amphetamine and ecstasy.

On March 8, the Fürstenfeld Police Inspectorate executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home. The search resulted in the seizure of 75 LSD tabs, 110 grams of cannabis, six cannabis plants, cannabis oil, and growing equipment.

The 28-year-old “did not confess,” according to the police. He is currently in police custody.

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3be6b6d0 Fri, Mar 11, 2022

There is no top hacker forum in the world to exchange technology and attack copanies all over the world. organization。 The army. The government。Who knows?tell me!

065b23c0 Fri, Mar 11, 2022

Ban weed. Keep speed.

c78f96c0 Fri, Mar 11, 2022

First I thought it takes 6 months after intercepting first package to issue a warrant/controlled delivery. Then it is 3 and to lesser cases 2 months. However this one only month and he is busted. They made it hard for everyone.

When to use pigeons to send mail? they are the solution

bd1a7d40 Sun, Mar 13, 2022

There’s sometimes only a half of a month between interception of a package and execution of a search warrant and at other times took more than a year without any (appearent) serious investigation.

476ace40 Thu, Mar 17, 2022

Congratulations for the defeat of THE boss of EU organized crime… just because spending the money paid from the taxes of citizens in the resources needed for this MASSIVE SEIZE operation, to promote terror campaign “order drugs from DNMs and go2jail”, even he is a citizen who paid his taxes, but it’s strictly forbidden for him to get some boost at work, explore his mind during weekends, and smoke a join after a hard day of work.
Seriously, AT got nothing better to do? What about hunting people doing real harm to society, like pedos, terrorists or hitmen?
Wtf seriously

26896a60 Sun, Apr 3, 2022

thx governments how do not treat us…i’m fybromialgic since 5 years, empoisonned at hospital !!! today i need speed all days to open my eyes and heroin etc for pains that are inhuman !!!! thx for nothing presidents of my ass !! doctors poisonned me with antibiotics and said i’m crazy now !!! without darkweb, i probably be dead since a long time……

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