Austrian Duo Purchased Ecstasy on the Dark Web

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Police in Lower Austria identified two suspects accused of importing and reselling ecstasy and amphetamine purchased through the dark web.

Seized ecstasy and amphetamine

According to a press release by the main customs office in Landshut, Bavaria, investigations that led to the suspects' apprehension resulted from the interception of drug packages addressed to the suspects.
In July 2022, customs officers at a package distribution center in Munich intercepted suspicious outgoing packages headed to Austria. On opening the packages, the officers allegedly found and seized a total of 209 ecstasy pills and 10.3 grams of amphetamine.
In November, the officers intercepted five more packages addressed to the same recipient in Austria. The officers opened the packages and found that they contained a total of 254 ecstasy tabs.
German authorities shared the information with the Lower Austrian State Criminal Police Office, resulting in a joint cross-border operation.
Investigations by Austrian authorities led to the identification of two suspects. The investigators reportedly established that the suspects had been having the drugs mailed to a fake mailbox after purchasing them on the darknet. The investigators also accuse the duo of reselling the imported drugs.

Quote:Elvira Enders-Beetschen, spokeswoman for the main customs office in Landshut
This case shows once again how important good cross-border cooperation is in the fight against drug smuggling.

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These seizures have been so weak lately

A dick2023-04-01

Fucking hell is it really worth the hassle ???


people of USA, Germany and Austria, stop using the dark web to buy your stuff.. things doesn't goes well with these places. f tyranny


What are you talking LMAO, i live in Austria and order reguarly from Netherlands, USA, etc... . Customs aren´t doing that much here like in Germany or somewere else.


how do you know this is dnm related?

Captain 02023-04-01

Lot of tax payer dollars for a street dealer/personal user (a single burnt out junkie could easily go through all those pills in a week), dude... man... the DNL unspoken premise is reality (most cyber criminals walk).

Hall Monitor2023-04-01

On my best behavior


what's the % of DNM buyers getting caught every year? Is it rare?


the last four years a lot been caught cuz of their weak opsec, though not sure about the percentage..

DNL <32023-04-02



It is very rare in general

Captain Obvious2023-04-05

I see I have an impostor in the comments. Having said that, yes this is bum level police work, they released this as something to be proud of? Lol.

the joker2023-04-10

LOL. Laughable.


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