Austrian Arrested in Thailand for Receiving Child Pornography

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According to a press release from Thailand’s Immigration Bureau, a special task force led an investigation into the activities of an Austrian man who had allegedly been downloading and sharing child abuse content through various darkweb forums.

In September, the Thailand Internet Crime Against Children (TICAC) division learned that an Austrian man living in Thailand had been actively using a darkweb child exploitation forum. Their information came from “law enforcement agencies around the country,” according to a translated press release.
On November 9, law enforcement searched the suspect’s house in Chiang Mai. They arrested the man for downloading and possessing child pornography. They seized his computer and hard drive. The Austrian’s hard drive contained “many files of child pornography.” During the investigation, investigators learned that the man had downloaded more child abuse content than they had originally discovered.

The police are currently investigating the case in an attempt to prove the man had shared or distributed child pornography. After his arrest, the police released a picture of a woman with some connection to the suspect. The case feels somewhat similar to the Scully case; both were outsiders living in a country known for sex tourism. Both had local assistance from young women who were native to the area.
Since the authorities have not yet revealed how they caught this user of a darkweb child pornography user, one can only speculate at the possibilities. One of which is that law enforcement recognized content the alleged pedophile had personally uploaded and shared.
Source: Immigration Bureau (Facebook)

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