Australian Vendor "Utopia" Busted

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Police in Australia arrested and charged a duo accused of conspiring in the distribution of large quantities of drugs through the dark web.

According to a press release by the Victoria police, 42-year-old Lucas Raymond Bingham and his accomplice, a 39-year-old woman, distributed large quantities of LSD and Cannabis through the Utopia vendor profile on multiple dark web marketplaces.
The duo's arrest resulted from investigations launched in June 2023. The investigators allegedly intercepted over 150 drug packages mailed by the duo via post boxes in different locations.
The investigators arrested the two suspects after executing search warrants at their residences on October 18.
They seized two firearms, LSD tablets, cannabis, THC gummies, cannabis resin, THC cookies, cannabis oil, approximately $5,000 in cash, and an Isuzu D Max from Bingham’s house.
At the woman's home, the investigators seized LSD tablets, MDMA, cannabis resin, and THC cookies. They also recovered an undisclosed amount of cash and the seed phrases for two cryptocurrency wallets.
The woman was charged with possessing cannabis, MDMA, LSD, THC, and proceeds of crime. She was released on bail and will appear at Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on June 11.
Bingham was charged with trafficking a large commercial quantity of LSD, trafficking a commercial quantity of THC, trafficking cannabis, and possession of LSD, THC, cannabis, and proceeds of crime.
Bingham was presented before Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on October 19 for his bail hearing. During the hearing, the police told the court that Bingham admitted he operated the Utopia vendor accounts. They also said he gave them access to the accounts.

Utopia's listings on Incognito. The account was last accessed on October 18

He was released on a $500,000 surety and ordered to report to the police three times a week, surrender his passports, not access the dark web and possess one phone only.
A third suspect, a 67-year-old man, was also questioned and released without charge.

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fucking ridiculous2023-10-23

Australia doesn't fuck around


I want to imagine when a person report to police three times a week what exactly what will happen between them? a questioning, friendly conversation or sharing donuts and coffee with them


They create a relationship with the local police. It's called "Crime and Punishment"... Unless you own pharma company, then you own the government. :) Too big to fail.


He gave them access to the accounts? wtf is wrong with ppl.


They probably used the threat of worse charges for his girl as leverage to get him to hand access over. Police are shamelessly manipulative fucks.


illegal in aus not to


Vendors should stop being such pussies. buy a gun and kill the feds when they pull up.

cop hater2023-10-26

based. agree. easier said than done though


holy based, light them fuckers up


At that point of time the only thing what matters to him is his freedom so yea i would say i would have done the same thing if i were him

Sideshow Bob2023-10-26

It was trash weed anyway lol


Some weed and some LSD, pretty small time per the $5,000 cash. Perhaps there are funds the authorities are unaware of. 140 mg in a gummy, that would be impressive, color is right though. Australians going a bit tough on this one, does no one break the law in Australia? Street priced weed but cheap point, if it’s real. This is a bit silly.

skibidi elmo2023-11-12

its a police state its china type surveillance but no one admits that.


When it comes to dark markets there might be many weak links but I've always thought one of the weakest links is the logistics, namely the delivery of the product. Why is it that online pharamcies, here in the UK for instance, can use a Royal Mail next day delivery for just 10 under ten quid & it gets through every time? I guess dark markets get infiltrated one way or another which eventually enables the police to get eyes on the operators. In other news, it looks like UK Pro Meds seller of pharmaceuticals via the internet & vending here in the UK is in trouble. They're a major seller of two products I buy on a regular basis: zopiclone & valium. Could anyone recommend any "reliable" vendors for this type of product, it would be appreciated :) Be seeing you.

Fuck you2023-11-04

Poor dude, hope he's doing ok one of the most moral dealers around. War on Drugs claims another victim.

Your Daddy. 2023-11-06

he had the best weed, Cops can suck a fat cock :D

never again2023-11-07

how the fuk did these guys get busted anyways?? what was the determining factore anybody?? was it their faults in op-sec or diligentpolicing work?? bcuz a little weed andsome lsd doesnt seem very important to send out an investigation on this kid to me... any thoughs?


I'm guessing that marketplace is no longer reliable?


shits crazy


"The investigators allegedly intercepted over 150 drug packages mailed by the duo via post boxes in different locations." 150??? THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT - DAMN