Australian Vendor “Underlinecost” Made Up to $25K Every Day

Three Australians made as much as $25,000 a day by selling drugs through the vendor account “underlinecost.”

(1 AUD = 0.73 USD)

In November 2021, SA Police reported arresting three people for their alleged roles in a prolific darkweb drug trafficking operation:

Two men and a woman have been arrested following an operation by the Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch, High Tech Crime Section into their alleged drug trafficking activities on the dark web.

On Monday 22 November, Detectives from SAPOL’s Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch and Australian Federal Police searched a home and business address in Adelaide and a property in Kings Park.

A picture of Cash seized during the investigation | SA Police

Cash seized during the investigation | SA Police

One million dollars in cash and $700, 000 of cryptocurrency was seized along with drugs suspected to be cocaine, LSD, cannabis, and steroids with an estimated street value of over $150, 000. In addition; Confiscations Section has seized two residential properties and a sports motorcycle, collectively valued at $1.27 million. This is the largest ever seizure of cryptocurrency by SAPOL.

A 27-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, both from Adelaide, and a 24-year-old man from Kings Park were arrested and charged with multiple counts of commercial drug trafficking, money laundering, and importation of a large commercial quantity of LSD.

All three have appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court and were remanded in custody to next appear in court on 24 May 2022.

After the arrest, it appeared as if some Dread users correctly identified the vendor as underlinecost. Local news outlets have confirmed as much. The underlinecost vendor account on Darkode has also confirmed this; SA police changed the profile picture to an announcement that they had a search warrant for the account.

A picture of Very clever police.

Very clever police.


It does not appear as if law enforcement accessed the account since November 2021 though.

A picture of A listing on the underlinecost profile on Darkode market.

A listing on the underlinecost profile on Darkode market.


Australian law enforcement started investigating the alleged syndicate after intercepting a package from Germany containing 8,000 LSD tabs. A phone number on the package led investigators to a mailbox where they observed former police officer Thomas James Booker, 27, dropping off packages. Erin Gold, 32, who worked as “an accountant and burlesque dancer,” apparently had a relationship with Booker. They lived together and co-owned properties.

A picture of Cocaine seized during the investigation | SA Police

Cocaine seized during the investigation | SA Police

Police have not revealed how they made the connection between the identification of Booker and the underlinecost vendor account.

However, undercover law enforcement officers purchased drugs from underlinecost as a part of the investigation. Police identified fingerprints on the packages that belonged to Booker and one of his co-conspirators, Ryan Suri-Tucker, 24.

A picture of Booker, Gold, and the other guy

Booker, Gold, and the other guy


In November 2021, the police raided a Kings Park property and arrested both men. Police reported that both men had drugs piled up around them at a desk. On the desk was a computer that was signed into the underlinecost account on a marketplace, according to the police.

Police later arrested Gold at her workplace.

A picture of Marijuana seized during the investigation | SA Police

Marijuana seized during the investigation | SA Police

During a bail hearing, a prosecutor explained the discoveries made by police after searching the property:

“When police attended the address they found the pair sitting at a desk together in front of a computer with an open TOR session, which is access to the dark web, open into the vendor account of Underline Costs with a list of unfilled orders. There were drugs seized at that location, including a commercial quantity of LSD and trafficable quantities of cocaine, cannabis, and MDMA. Those items were on the table in front of them. Some of them had been divided into smaller quantities ready for delivery. Also on the table in front of them packaged ready to be shipped in Australia Post packages. There was also a ledger book, which appeared to be a record of every sale including the amount and tracking number. It appears this was all run as a business. Police estimate they were turning over about $25,000 a day.”


A raid at the house belonging to Booker and Gold resulted in the seizure of $350,000.

A locked box at the Public Trustee’s office belonging to Booker contained $460,000.

Police froze $900,000 in cryptocurrency. All three suspects had cryptocurrency holdings.

Police have applied to freeze an apartment worth $500,000 owed by Booker and Gold, a property in Athol Park worth $500,000 owned by Gold, and a 2020 Ducati.

A picture of Steroids seized during the investigation | SA Police

Steroids seized during the investigation | SA Police


Gold, in her bail applications, is trying to place the blame entirely on Booker.

Gold’s lawyer:

“The involvement of Ms. Gold is in effect because of her association with her partner, one of the co-accused. She was not at that location when the arrest occurred. Ms. Gold was arrested at her workplace where she was undergoing full-time employment. In my submission, her connection to Mr. Booker is the basis for her being charged.”

Her bail application was adjourned until later this month.

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33b447e0 Sun, Jan 2, 2022

Isn’t it funny how women always plead ignorance when their boyfriend/husband is picked up by the coppers? We all know who the privileged sex is.

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Damn that bitch is hot. Unzipping my pants and beating my meat imagining fucking her

90c00b00 Mon, Jan 3, 2022

Nothing says “Safer Communities” quite like redirecting the drug trade back to the streets! Thanks South Australia Police!

628aec40 Mon, Jan 3, 2022

This is a bit of a precedent in terms of the scale of the operation and accumulated profit. LE hijacking accounts and posting take-over banners on markets, shit those mother fuckers too…

edf757b0 Mon, Jan 3, 2022

Why the fuck would you keep so much cryptocurrency on a wallet on your daily computer.
I hope they were smart enough to have some cold wallets buried in the desert.

bc57e0a0 Mon, Jan 3, 2022

She might be hot, she’s not loyal though she will land you in jail then fuck your cousin.

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625456d0 Mon, Jan 3, 2022

Dark0de is RUN by LE and it’s the fact
GET OUT bruv before shit hits the fan

dfc82e60 Mon, Jan 3, 2022

say first was alpha LE now its darkode fuck you shiller and the scam markets you advertize esp world market biggest ddoser and bullshit spreader FUCK YOU alpha rip offs

29e7fc80 Mon, Jan 3, 2022

No, darkode is not run by LE… LE does not operate markets like that, sometimes they take over and watch for a while but that’s not the case here.

46f37370 Tue, Jan 4, 2022

This is what happens when ya get to greedy and a little bit loose oh and its a standard defence for crims to blame each other in jury trials, happens for murder all the time. Some times its your only defence, its nothing personal. Ill be shocked if all 3 dont blame each other.

7f8f7690 Tue, Jan 4, 2022

When it comes to arrests in Australia it’s almost 100% safe to assume there Is a level of spying integrated into the capture

99d8af50 Tue, Jan 4, 2022

¨where she was undergoing full-time employment.¨ That sounds terrible.

bad11900 Thu, Jan 6, 2022

What a dumb bitch, pretending she didn’t know what was going on.
Show feet

fc21ebe0 Thu, Jan 6, 2022

I just want my drugs dude. After the events of the past 3-4 months of my life, I no longer deserve, or am able to, live without being smacked on Mexican black tar heroin 24/7 until I die. Please, LEOs, leave my source alone.

223d4610 Sat, Jan 8, 2022

No that’s not at all the right way to think, we all have choices to make… so what, anoth3R fucking number on a god damn government doctors chart… democracy NFT33ZY

8f91e5b0 Sun, Jan 9, 2022

99 % of arrests come because importation from overseas and seizure usually leads to alot of other discoveries

bd633e50 Sun, Jan 9, 2022

TOR session
This mf calls it TOR. Says it all

57085220 Tue, Jan 18, 2022

So sad. These people were living large. They look so happy in the pictures. Were they really hurting anyone? No. They were providing products to responsible adults who want to alter their consciousness and have a good time. How much alcohol is imported into australia and consumed by australians every day? Alcohol is ranked, by actual data, as the most dangerous and destructive drug in the world in all categories: health, societal damage, addiction and many others. Yet it’s legal. The drug war is so backwards and hypocritical.

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