Australian Man Resold Drugs Purchased on the Darkweb

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Michael David Hough, 30, admitted that he had purchased LSD, MDMA, and cocaine on the darkweb. Vendors had shipped the drugs to Hough’s home address. Hough sold some of the drugs and consumed the excess.
Hough started selling drugs in June 2019. During his operation, the Australian post intercepted several of Hough’s drug packages. The packages had been shipped to Hough’s home address. Australia Post joined a task force with the Australian Border Force and the Victoria Police to investigate Hough. The task force arrested Hough in October 2019.
He pleaded guilty at a September 10 hearing at the Victorian County Court. During the hearing, a forensic psychologist told the court the defendant had low self-esteem. The low self-esteem, according to the forensic psychologist, had caused Hough’s criminal behavior. Hough thought drug distribution was a way to achieve “high social standing.” The constant drug use had worsened Hough’s impulsive behavior, according to the same psychologist.
In addition to pleading guilty to trafficking LSD, cocaine, and MDMA, Hough pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and attempting to possess ketamine.
Hough’s sentencing hearing will take place in late September.

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