Australian Man Charged for Purchasing Drugs on the Dark Web

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A New South Wales man was charged for attempting to import and resell a variety of drugs purchased through the dark web.

Some of the seized drugs

According to the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the 23-year-old defendant purchased a wide variety of drugs including MDMA, methamphetamine, oxycodone, and heroin from a dark web vendor based in the UK and had them shipped to a residence in Western Sydney.
Investigations that resulted in the defendant's arrest began in May 2023 after the Australian Border Force (ABF) intercepted three incoming packages.
In the first package, the officers reportedly found and seized 133 tablets of MDMA, 100 oxycodone pills, and 97 pills of an analogue of the synthetic opioid, Nitazene.
In the other two packages, the officers found a total of 60 grams of MDMA, 25 grams of ketamine, 15 grams of methamphetamine, and 14 grams of heroin. The drugs were reportedly hidden in items such as cookware, and toy cars.

Some of the seized drugs

Quote:ABF Superintendent Asha Patwardhan
Officer training and intuition are key pillars in being able to detect illicit substances at our border, no matter how sophisticated the concealment method may be.

On May 19 AFP investigators executed a search warrant at the packages' intended destination, after receiving information from the ABF. The investigators found a kitchen scale, spoons with white residue, zip-lock bags, and a fake ID.
The investigators allegedly established that the defendant was in constant contact with two suspects based in the UK via encrypted communication platforms. The trio allegedly discussed the import and resale of illicit drugs in Australia.
The 23-year-old was charged with one count of attempting to import a marketable quantity of border-controlled drugs. He faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

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MOST people are using drugs. This guy just got lucky. Drugs would be legal if it was a real democracy.


lucky? at age of 23 facing 25 years of prison?


This is hypocrisy at it's finest. Every billionaire, politician, actor and civilian does those drugs in Australia. The brits made YOU, their own kin, a penal colony on the other side of the world b/c you disgraced them. Stop crucifying this low level offender. How Queen and Country of you Aussie Puppets of the 5 eyes. You don' think we know who you are. Give me liberty or give me death. Maybe think that in your mind.


if you need then you talk about this shit

Nick Fuentes2023-09-02

This is why I'll never order anything illegal from overseas except maybe illegal catboys


LSD is fine to order overseas as it's to small for them to bother checking.


@blep I can name you a country that bothers to check for a couple grams or even for a few blotters just because it is in a padded envelope thats alone a reason for them to be suspicious, Doesn't matter if it is from non-suspicious countries like Germany or France. Customs around the world have upped their game. To all vendors around the world, Stop using padded envelopes and look into any other way, like the "Do Not Bend Envelopes" or even better, these small letter airmail non-padded envelopes are more guaranteed. But who knows, maybe later they will suspect those things.


I'm curious on how did they catch him? Was he so stupid to give his name and address for the delivery or what?


Ive read its less suspicious to use your real name since the local PO knows who gets mail where. I only order personal use amounts though so never nervous but would be fake name or not for a large quantity lol


People getting lazy with their PGP message encryption..


“If voting mattered, they would make it illegal”


ok Emma Goldman


That's deep and very thought provoking. Nice


I'm unsure how these people are getting caught, they know how to download and use Tor, are they lacking other precautions such as a VPN? Maybe they are using their real name, address etc? Or Perhaps the crypto currency is being tracked and they didn't mix their funds first. I'm learning, all of this is fascinating but there's got to be a way to find out what tactics these police have up their sleeve. At this point are we playing "Russian roulette"?


Depends on where they are. Australia and the UK are fairly infamous for being police states. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if all citizens are being regularly monitored in those places through AI. Go to a nightclub and hang in areas where drugs are sold regularly, have your picture taken, get put on a watchlist, use Tor, get flagged and placed on a higher level list. Something like that. Just me spitballing, I have no hard evidence but that's where my intuition points me. Stay away from opiates, burn address if you don't receive a shipment, surround yourself with as few people as possible.


e-labels give police a complete overview of all of a vendors customers. They can then pick them out in real time during transport.


Australia is stricter than most countries with international mail especially


Bro if you’re aspiring to be a DNM vendor and you order anything out of the country you’re taking a PHAT risk. Customs will tear apart a significant amount of packages (considering it’s international shipping) Most bulk MDMA found in America is from chemists/resellers located in Canada, UK, Netherlands and/or Germany. If you find the right vendor who is diligent and can traffic kilos/large amounts of product to you reliably without surveillance, then by all means.


Do not send drugs internationally to Australia via regular shipping methods. Ever. The package will be intercepted almost 80% of the time. Most drugs sold in Australia are either manufactured inside Australia, or come in via mass quantities in shipping containers. All international mail is scanned and xrayed by Australian customs. That is the takeaway from this article and my message. If you're inside Australia and wanting to import, NEVER DO IT via normal mail. Never sell to people inside Australia via normal mail if you are from somewhere else.


could be it was sniffed out at the PO or customs somewhere so they launched a further investigation. using fake name or not theyd catch him if it was found at customs/PO im sure they investigated and had him under surveillance


and what address would you use if not your own also that wouldnt raise flags? lol regardless surveillance hes screwed


I always come across people saying to use your real name and address, because the PO knows who gets the mail there and there are no suspicions, but like, goddammit, what if they intercept the package (and it happends A LOT) and BAM! Got your address and name, instant jail. I always suggest people to use a fake name and to ship it to either some adbandoned building (but as crypt said, it's a bit of a red flag) or ship it to the house of some random, even better if you do a little bit of stalking and get the package when they are not at home, like in wacation or something like that.

giggly goof2023-09-06

bro you can literally scan ips and trace the route of them through tor. you are still anonymous but ur ips arent hidden.


god i hope you are being sarcastic


We got you


Plausable deniability. Anyone can send you a package, at any time, from anywhere, containing... anything. If that happens you're not doing anything wrong, they are. But if you look like you're expecting to receive and distribute a shipment of drugs, questions will be asked about if you were expecting it.

WYKYK ;)2023-09-07

Plausable deniability isn't a thing when they intercept three separate shipments, from three separate vendors, sent on different days going to your address... Particularly after they do the obligatory drug raid and find all your equipment.


You think Plausible deniability is still a thing? Jokes on you. The police in Australia doesn't play by the rules. They can act illegally, but most importantly all you really need is encrypted computer and kitchen scale and you are already guilty bro, you are fucked. It doesn't matter if you admit or stay shut.


This is not civilized world, this is Australia, sorry not sorry. You have no plausible deniability, they can hold you forever until you give them your encryption keys too, doesn't matter if it was your neighbor who put the USB on your porch.


Australian authorities have NEVER EVER in their entore history, played by the rules. And of course, of course, it's all thanks, yet again, to the English. England is the top cocksucking nation of control freak bastards. They fucked to death every conflict and occupation they've ever led or been party to. Evil, evil, evil sick, disgusting dogs. From the Crown and down. Filthy fucking human hating demons. And Australia, is just pure fucking satan's lair incarnate. As a country they have a 94% conviction rate. This points to corruption. As much has been confirmed by the UN and many law professors.

hb jkn2023-09-08

shit there goes a good drug dealer


I love dark

dsadfef34 32023-09-12

if i were to order, im in australia whats the best method to do so without getting caught, i know theres always a chance buts what the best ways to prevent it. thanks and what are some forums you would recommend me looking on for more information


As I ahppen to be somewhat still learning here and there, this all depends on how paranoid of a person you are really.. however it does go without saying that if you do certain things of course itll help. Run tails 100% of the time from a older pc designated for this, and this only off a thumbdrive and not a internal hardrive, never connected to a network such as your home, but rather a mcds or some form of free internet, and dont go inside to look cool of course, stay in your car but close enough to tether to the wifi lol. Now just make sure your tor bridge is set up, fake names always, get a geek to get a PO Box for you or something, (assuming you can find a friendly crackhead friend of family that you dont care about) and from there i couldnt seem to find a reason to be able to be caught up lmao, but as i said, still learning...


Probably just better in general to find a wholesale plug n getting their shit than trying to ship in


"encrypted communication platforms. The trio allegedly discussed the import and resale of illicit drugs in Australia." Seems the assistance and access laws are in full swing then. either; a. the platform utilized didn't encrypt correctly/properly b. the users systems were not encrypted correctly c. AFP got telcos servicing them to spy on traffic d. ALL OF THE ABOVE


yup, had to be A & B most probably. I used to work for lage telcom, was even SME for wire taps. At least in NJ, you ain't getting tapped unless you hand the tech a signed order from the JUDGE, and specifcally for what they want to monitor. Don't know what they do in Australia, but they certainly drew attention by "constant communications". The OPSEC was sloppy, I think maybe it should be added to the Bible. I also did security and it's almost impossible to decyper properly encrypted data. I feel bad for him, hope he gets a break.


the post office offer parcel lockers where you can get a parcel sent to a post office just under a name. Trick is to have the ID to match the bogus name you've sent to the parcel locker. Any thoughts?

someone with common 2023-11-09

Start with a "found" license and medicare,from there prepaid phone and gmail,create auspost account and parcel locker, using the ID'S,create coinspot account,lastly create an online cardless commenwealth account,then u can anonymously deposit cash at machine and transfer to coinspot,once order placed destroy sim card,factory reset on phone and your all good


you guys know a legit website froom where i can buy some hero ????


Damn, 23 is crazy.

That's true.2023-09-17

That's true.


Any links or names of good Dark web sites that can be used please if anyone can recommend


if your ordering and it has to go through customs, good luck


he is a small fish this is nothing


Where is a good place to purchase drugs on the dark web?


People run there mouth to much and brag about there drugs and money to people they think they can trust but turns out most people are haters and spineless and don't know how to take there own lick so they piss there pants and run they're mouth and then a investigation is opened up. That's how most bust are happening!!!


Holden I couldn't agree more with that comment. Fucking AFP (Australian Federal Police) they can't seriously believe this is "incredible policework" which I know the local papers here wrote it up as. This is just a pack of dumb fucks punishing a very small player who was just supplying a need that has to be met somehow. Anyway, maybe doing this investigation distracted them from bashing up black people for a while.... and disabled ppl., gays, and people with mental health problems, they like to bash them too. Fuck da Police


How can a person make moves on the dark net and be more safe than just being wreckless like I heard get a VPN then I heard another guy say use encrypted messages I think how do I do that ...

someone with common 2023-11-09

Just use tor,it has its own vpn that is logless,u can change bridges to make your sgnal appear in different ways


thats why i order domestic

someone with common 2023-11-09

8cc33205 Tor has its own VPN which by default is logless,change the bridges you use and your pretty safe.PGP is extremely easy to use,and using your own name and adress is the safest way,in order to be charged they must prove you ordered it,hard to do when your browser is logless,the way they get caught is talking and bragging too much,obviously stepping on toes,not clearing their metadata properly and not communicating with PGP,not changing keys and wallet adresses.pretty simple shit


WTF LMAO 25 YEAAARS????????????????????????????????