Australian Man Arrested for Importing 406 Grams of Meth

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Authorities in Australia arrested and charged a man for allegedly importing methamphetamine.
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) charged a 36-year-old man from Perth, Western Australia, for allegedly importing more than 400 grams of methamphetamine.
The investigation that led to the 36-year-old’s arrest began in early August 2021 after Australian Border Force (ABF) officers intercepted a suspicious package from Malaysia. The officers opened the package and found several packages of white powder hidden within two notebooks. The powder tested positive for methamphetamine. The packages carried a total of 406 grams of methamphetamine.

Seized packages of methamphetamine | AFP

The Australian Border Force handed over the package to the Australian Federal Police. The AFP launched an investigation and on August 24, the investigators made a controlled delivery of the package after removing the drugs.
The 36-year-old allegedly accepted the delivery of the package. He then brought the package from the residence to a golf course near the residence and opened it. Police subsequently arrested him.
The 36-year-old appeared before Perth Magistrate’s Court on August 25. He was charged with one count of importing marketable quantities of border-controlled drugs and one count of attempting to possess a marketable quantity of border-controlled drugs.
The trial is scheduled for September 22.