Australian Cannabis Vendor Busted

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Police in New South Wales, Australia, arrested a man accused of distributing cannabis through the dark web.
According to a press release by New South Wales Police, 55-year-old Matthew Robert McDonald distributed cannabis through an undisclosed dark web market from at least March 2018 to April 2023.

The investigations that led to McDonald's arrest were conducted by investigators from Strike Force Presland, a task force established by the State Crime Command's Cybercrime Squad in November 2022. The task force investigates the sale and distribution of illicit drugs in NSW through the dark web.
In the course of the investigations, the investigators came across McDonald's vendor profile on an undisclosed dark web marketplace.
On April 27, 2023, following "extensive" investigations, the investigators acquired and executed search and arrest warrants against McDonald.
A search of McDonald's home resulted in the seizure of an undisclosed number of mature cannabis plants, an undisclosed quantity of cannabis, more than $2400 in cash, and $650 in crypto.
McDonald was arrested at a parking lot and detained at the Kempsey Police Station.

McDonald being arrested

He was consequently charged with three counts of supplying illicit drugs, one count of cultivating a prohibited plant, and four counts of dealing with proceeds of crime.

Quote:Cybercrime Squad Commander, Superintendent Matt Craft
Our detectives are specially trained to investigate, disrupt, and dismantle the supply of prohibited drugs, no matter how or where they are sold. We're putting people on notice, the dark web will not provide you a cloak of invisibility and anonymity to conduct any illicit sales of drugs. NSW Police will catch up to you and place you before the courts.

McDonald appeared before the Kempsey Local Court on April 28. The police disclosed that McDonald fulfilled over 450 orders during his drug trafficking operation and made over $961,000.
The court released McDonald on conditional bail. He will appear at the court again on May 11.

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Bupkis Randal Jr.2023-04-29

Adult humans have no right to access "prohibited plants". I don't give them permission and neither does the Australia.

Robert Nesta2023-05-21
c6b9121d that is funny!!!


very intersting


Webing is my hobby.


"In the course of the investigations, the investigators came across McDonald's vendor profile on an undisclosed dark web marketplace." Are they refering to Alphabay market?


sounds like he got ratted on

Anonymous 2023-05-01

To admin everything to the police or confess his confessions from the police his freedom will be over.

pipi de chat2023-05-01

McDonald's selles Burger


You mean that guy with a red perm dressed like a clown? He's Australian?? Shoulda known


alphabay popped up for a while and got everyone suckered into using there platform. Now they are all going to jail. Who uses a platform like that after what happened to them. Than desnake suddenly disappears. Something fishy.




Nice looking bud

Omar missions2023-05-18

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Robert Nesta2023-05-21

Pathetic and a strong indictment against current Australian primitive approach to psychoactive substances and therefore a very important litmus test of their general treatment of general human rights....For fucks sake grow up! No doubt, LE officers getting their desired child like kicks from busting drug king pins! You can see it in their faces! Wow guys ...this one had $650 in crypto! You're saving the world alright!!!!