Arizona Man Imprisoned for Distributing Counterfeit Oxy Pills

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A man from Glendale, Arizona, was sentenced to 42 months in prison for selling counterfeit oxycodone pills and meth through the dark web.

According to a press release by the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, 30-year-old Justin Udvardi, fulfilled hundreds of drug orders through multiple dark web vendor accounts under the username "TrapGod."
Udvardi reportedly sold large quantities of counterfeit oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl, methamphetamine, and MDMA through the TrapGod vendor accounts for over two years.
Udvardi's sentencing stemmed from investigations conducted by investigators from the FBI and USPIS in the Eastern District of Virginia. During the investigations, between September 2021 and September 2022, the investigators made multiple undercover purchases from Udvardi. In total, the investigators received drug packages that contained 120 grams of meth and more than 250 pills of counterfeit oxycodone that they established contained fentanyl. Tracking the drug packages revealed that Udvardi operated out of Arizona.
The investigations also revealed that Udvardi was also involved in the sale of stolen credit card information and materials used to make fraudulent identification documents.
U.S. District Judge Michael S. Nachmanoff sentenced Udvardi to three years and six months in prison on August 17, 2023.

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What a waste of resources. I live in Arizona and you read everyday about hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of fentanyl pills seized just from regular traffic stops. At the border TONS of fent and meth are seized every month. But it takes the FBI two years to get 250 pills? Maybe the FBI would make bigger headlines if they raid Kari Lake's house and arrest her right before her Senate election.


they'd hit a bigger score if they raided hobbs and her cartel connections


> But it takes the FBI two years to get 250 pills? FBI is involved because it's a fentanyl _DARKWEB VENDOR_. Fent guaranteed to leave the state and be distributed on a wide basis. It's something they can accomplish and get headlines for. Why it has taken them so long to get the bigger guys is a mystery. Like how tf is wallstreetbets still free?


LOL Kari Lake is such a poor losing tool that even Trump cant stand her.


You can directly tell the police by sending an anonymous letter who is selling the fentanyl.


The FBI is a toy man


Why not write "TrapGod" in the headline?


Haha right


"Cartel Katie" claims in youtube video that she doesn't launder money for the Sinaloa Cartel. Then she says, "just kidding" wtf? You can buy a "Cartel Katie" doll just like the "El Chapo" one now, just google it.


Time to legalize all Drugs. The War on Drugs is lost.


Its lost for the common folks but to the wealthy and title holders its an amazing time to be in business, both sides are making record profits daily. look at all these seizures, not just product but cold hard cash.


trap god get 3 years??? crazy he sold hela meth and fent. feds please remember this case when its my time



Ned Kelly2023-08-22

Boys leave politics out of this please. I'm an old fuck as George Carlin used to say, and I've learned a few things. I also go back to Silk Road and used to chat with DPR himself. I don't pretend to know everything about this DN world of ours, but it IS OURS, and it is what we make it. I believe if he wasn't double dipping into the fraud shit, which is just a low life shitty thing to do. You may as well rob houses in your neighborhood. Same set of morals. I think he'd may have been bypassed in light of all the other ones seized at traffic stops, like you said. It's the fact that the fraud guys had him, they probably at some point touched base with each other and said, "Let's pull him in, maybe he'll lead us to the bigger fish?" We'll never know, but one thing is for sure. He talked. That's why he only got 3 1/2 years. For possesion with intent to sell fent and meth? That's a very low sentence. First time offender status doesn't help you since they made fent the new meth.


Yeah, seeing that tiny sentence for selling commercial amounts of meth and fent (made to be sold as oxy non-the-less) has got to have his sources feeling a lot of heat and paranoia atm. I'd be considering an early retirement/long holiday.


Feds always need their fix too! You know they were hitting some of those pills, especially in Arizona lol