AlphaBay Fentanyl Vendor "Narcoboss" Gets Life in Prison

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A Pennsylvania man whose dark web drug trafficking operation resulted in dozens of overdose deaths has been sentenced to life in federal prison.

Henry Konah Koffie

In under two years, Henry Konah Koffie, 38, of Pennsylvania, fulfilled over 7,000 orders and distributed approximately 19.5 kilos of fentanyl through the "DNMKingpin" and "Narcoboss" vendor accounts on the now-defunct AlphaBay marketplace. Investigators linked Koffie's drug trafficking operation to at least 30 overdose deaths and 27 non-fatal overdoses.
Law enforcement launched investigations into DNMKingpin on May 2, 2016, after a 19-year-old college student overdosed on fentanyl. The investigators questioned the student after she recovered and established that she had purchased the fentanyl from DNMKingpin on AlphaBay. DNMKingpin was banned from AlphaBay at the end of June that year.
On May 6, 2017, police in Portland responded to an overdose death. The investigators questioned the victim's roommate and established that the victim had been purchasing Xanax and fentanyl through the dark web. The roommate also disclosed that they had been purchasing the fentanyl from Narcoboss on AlphaBay.
A review of Narcoboss's profile revealed that the vendor sold "China White Synthetic Heroin Fentanyl Mix" for $40 a gram. Narcoboss and DNMKingpin had the same public key displayed on their profiles.
On May 29, 2017, the officers responded to yet another fatal overdose in Portland. The victim's roommate told the investigators that the victim had been purchasing drugs online. A search of the victim's room led to the discovery of a notebook with the victim's AlphaBay credentials and a Bitcoin wallet. The investigators also searched the trash can and found a USPS priority mail envelope that had a return address in Philadelphia.
The investigators made several undercover purchases from Narcoboss. The drug packages they received had return addresses in Philadelphia. The drugs received by the investigators tested positive for furanyl fentanyl.
The investigators acquired information from DHS on imports made from China to Philadelphia. The investigators established that Koffie had received 14 shipments from China between April 2016 and May 2017. The packages had been shipped to Koffie by entities suspected of distributing controlled substances. In total Koffie received packages that weighed over 7 kilograms.
In June 2017 the investigators subpoenaed cryptocurrency exchanges for information on any accounts registered Koffie. Coinbase revealed that Koffie had an account on the exchange but it was closed after the exchange established that he had been receiving funds from AlphaBay.
Information acquired from Coinbase revealed that Koffie's account had received approximately 289.79 and sent 51.98 bitcoin. He had sold 240.97 bitcoin and received over $127,200.
Some of the bitcoin sent from Koffie's Coinbase account was used to pay for postage from an online postage company.
Information acquired from the postage company revealed that the account had paid for the postage used to mail the drugs linked to the two fatal overdoses in Portland. The account had also purchased postage for all the packages used to mail the drugs purchased from Narcoboss by the investigators.
A federal jury found Koffie guilty of two counts of distribution of a controlled substance resulting in death, one count of distribution of a controlled substance resulting in serious bodily injury, and five counts of distribution of a controlled substance, on March 7, 2023.
Koffie was sentenced to life in federal prison and three years of supervised release on December 11, 2023.
Koffie has ongoing cases in the Western District of Pennsylvania and the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Federal juries in the districts charged him with four counts of distributing a controlled substance, distributing a controlled substance, and distributing a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a playground.

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Fuck the drug war2023-12-13

Goddamn sniitches snitching. Fentanyl sucks but in these cases cited the buyers knew what they were buying so what's the problem? Somehow the vendor is at fault that the buyers bought fentanyl? What kind of dumbass logic is that? Fuck the drug war and fuck these dumb snitches.


Say Less Socrates. An an unjust law is no law at all. I love it. The empires are falling. They are scared. There are sooo many savants swimming n the cosmos they want to control it all but oh well. That's a lost cause bc they put me in stargate//grillflame/Center Lane SAP in the 80's and now I am in the drivers seat. I'm ready for their veils of hypocracy to fail. The Cold War Kids should melt down the US govt except the Judicial branch. Save them forever. However, have a new american govt where there is no party. or exec. Just humble reps from states that are normal people. What a fucking novel concept. It's very complex to implement I know, but still, it will be done. This status quo is beyond failure into perpetuity.

Formless Aristotle2023-12-19

the way it is phrased isnt really clear on whether "they" refers to the victim or the roommate


Why would you fentanyl and heroin mix? Fucking around with heroin is enough why mix it with fentanyl. Some people are truly retarded.


“Life in prison” “3 years surprised release” Wot

flux //2023-12-13

"And i quote: "Narcoboss and DNMKingpin had the same public key displayed on their profiles." --what a FUCKING IDIOT; selling 80%+ od0rate dope @ $40 a g is bound to get you caught. when people die off your shit investigations begin. I am not surprised if they pin 30+ related cases on his punk ass. good riddance, gutter trash.

flux //2023-12-13

damn!!!! "The investigators also searched the trash can and found a USPS priority mail envelope that had a return address in Philadelphia." dumb ass wasn't even using clean fentanyl (such as car-fentanyl). 'furanyl fentanyl."


2 years of drug dealing and, at absolute most, 100k in profit = LIFE in prison = fking unbelievable. But having said that, the absolute fking SCUM that is the US govt is far more unbelievable so I guess in a way it makes sense. Scum fking politicians rip MILLIONS for YEARS and YEARS, get caught (or not) and get a slap on their filthy paws and do no jail, keep their millions/billions and still eat in the finest restaurants, live in the most expensive houses, drive the most expensive vehicles and rub shoulders with the rest of the dirty corrupt fking rats. Trump (BILLIONS in fraud/corruption for DECADES) BUSH (Murderous bastard absolutely guilty of overseeing 9/11) Zero consequences or repercussions. Dude deals for 2 years and makes 100k... life in prison. WORLD IS FUCKKKKKKKKED BEYOND BELIEF.




The money is only a fraction of the sentence reasoning. He also resulted in the deaths of 30+ people. If you are a murderer and you kill someone for $50k, your still probably getting life in jail. Now we won’t get into the politicians that cause death and whatnot, just make that point for this guy specifically.


bro what the hell


snitches man smh


they took down megamind

why tho2023-12-22

nahhh thats crazy




bro looks like a hood megamind 💀💀💀. 2/10 shit article btw


try hack me


What a fucking retard. 3 years after life?????? This mother fucker is snitching for sure


If drugs were legal, this wouldnt even be a problem. Blame the government.


EXACTLY this is only the reality... then our POLITICS use and ABUSE of all...


I guess the buyers knew what they were fucking getting, so it's their faults they're dead. If they wanted something less dangerous they could have purchased #4 heroin and tested it for fentanyl. Of course vendors lie about what they're selling, I've gotten #4 heroin and it turned out to be when tested potent fentanyl. But when I informed the market they refunded me. But this was only after I overdosed and almost died. Opiate users beware. If you buy opiates anywhere, they're most likely fentanyl. Stay safe.


Bro was using Coinbase...smh


So how tf DHS get Koffie real name to ask Coinbase and other exchanges info about him? IDK if this guy create an account to his own name or used a fish but what we can agree is that exchanges are fucking us over any law request.


Anton Levy up in this bitch, lol!


how did he sell 200 bitcoin and only recieve 120k?


200 btc were before he paid taxes


megamind lmfao

jazzy jeff2023-12-31

dude deserves it for mixing shit up. how the hell is anyone supposed to dose themselves with high concentrations? fuck him, he knew how dangerous his product was. The world would be better off without opiates as strong as fent. It's just TOO EASY to accidentally overdose, and idiots like this don't have the capacity to properly mix such a thing. Just don't sell fent


Humanity has had enough


Koffie? Like the drink, just spelled differently? Bet he got out after 3 for healing the warden's wife's cancer, lol


for a head as big as that, he sure was retarded


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