Alleged Darknet Market Phisher Announces Retirement

~1 min read | Published on 2018-12-02, tagged General-NewsPhishing using 244 words.

An alleged darkweb market phisher launched a hidden service announcing their retirement from phishing darkweb drug buyers. The announcement may have been fake but the writing style resembled the writing style of the infamous Alphabay phisher, Phishkingz.
You have been scammed!
Heya guys, I’d like to thank you very much.
You have been visiting my scamming sites over the last 4 years and gave me the possibility to collect more than 200 BTC just out of nothing…
I never expected that amount of payments - really - are you all stupid? Is really nobody verifying the URLs they’re on?
Anyway, every story has an end, and every software should have an end of life before it gets blown up.
This scamming network served more than 800 onion domains on 20 front-end servers with about 5kk hits per day

I’m pretty sure there are some guys out there who are really pissed off - I’d be if I lost 20k$ on a scamming site :D (and thats not a exception)
And I’m also pretty sure my fully self written proxy software with external payment processor is not bug free.
It was indeed a boredom project which was never expected to be that “successful” - or better “profitable”?
The software ore one of the servers will be hacked or seized at some time and I really don’t want to be doxxed.
So I’m going to retire now. As a small farewell gift I’ll tell you the right URL of the site you’ve just tried to visit: