A Welcome To Video User Sentenced to Federal Prison

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One of the most prolific users of the now-defunct dark web child pornography site, Welcome To Video, was sentenced to over 17 years in prison.

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According to court documents, 32-year-old Vincent Galarza of New York, was sentenced after he admitted he was involved in the sexual exploitation of children and distribution of child pornography through the site.
The case against Galarza stemmed from the arrest of the admin of Welcome To Video and the site's seizure in March 2018. Galarza was one of the over 300 users of the site identified and charged based on information acquired from the site's servers.
The investigating authorities identified Galarza as one of the site's users after reviewing its bitcoin deposit records. One of the bitcoin deposits by a user going by the username "thisthishold" was traced back to Galarza's account on an undisclosed crypto exchange.
A review of thisthishold’s account revealed that between May 2017, and February 2018, the user downloaded approximately 174 child abuse videos from the website. From June 2016, to December 2016, thisthishold
uploaded approximately 560 child pornography videos to the website.
The investigators executed an arrest warrant against Galarza in December 2018. A search of electronic devices seized from his residence led to the identification of two children he had been secretly recording.
On January 17, 2023, Galarza pleaded guilty to one count each of sexual exploitation of children and conspiracy to distribute child pornography.
He was sentenced to 17 years and six months in prison on July 7, 2023.
In addition to Galarza, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia disclosed it had successfully prosecuted seven more users of the site.

Nicholas Stengel

The 47-year-old from Washington, D.C., was sentenced to 15 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised release. He pleaded guilty to receipt of child pornography and money laundering.
Stengel was found in possession of over 6,000 videos and 600,000 images downloaded from the website.

Charles Wunderlich

Wunderlich, 36, of California, uploaded 13 videos and downloaded four videos of child pornography from the website. He pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute child pornography.
He was sentenced to 7 years and three months in prison and 15 years of supervised release in June 2022.

Ernest Wagner

The 72-year-old from Washington uploaded 84 videos and downloaded 40 videos of child pornography from the website. A forensic review of his electronic devices revealed he possessed an additional 92 images and 22 videos of child pornography.
Wagner pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute child pornography and was sentenced to 5 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised release in June 2021.

Darryl Miller

Darryl Miller, 36, of Kansas, downloaded approximately 20 gigabytes of child abuse material from the website and was found in possession of 57 child pornography images on his devices.
He pleaded guilty to access with intent to view child pornography. He was sentenced to five years in prison and five years of supervised release in September 2020.

Jason DeJournett

DeJournett, 47, of California downloaded 113 videos of child pornography from the website.
He was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison and a lifetime of supervised release in July 2021, after he pleaded guilty to access with intent to view child pornography.

Brian LaPrath

LaPrath, 36, from California, pleaded guilty to laundering monetary instruments. LaPrath was sentenced to a year and six months in prison on June 19, 2019.

Michael Ezeagbor

Ezeagbor 24, of Texas, uploaded ten videos and downloaded 42 videos of child pornography from the site. Analysis of his electronic revealed he was in possession of additional 190 images and 14 videos of child abuse material.
He was sentenced to time served and five years of supervised release in June 2021, after he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute child pornography.

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let them rot




>run peaceful darknet e-commerce market >get life in prison >have sex with an infant >supervised probation and free housing afterwards Fuck the government


this government got their heads up their assholes


Hello como podemos hablar


To those who went to prison, they better hope nobody finds out why they're in, it may just mean the end of them. Good on law enforcement for catching these sick fucks.


They're just gonna pc up, chomos don't get killed in there like they used to anymore


All videos were produced and provided by law enforcement. Also, this is why I don't use i2p. Do your very own research. Darwanism is real.


6k videos 600k images, damn, that's messed up




Totally deserved.


shits fucked wtf are they retarded

Demon of the mist2023-07-11

Why haven't I found anything that dark on dark web. The only websites I have visited so far are the ones listed on the dark web pug? How can I access the whole dark web??

Demon of the mist2023-07-11

Btw I am not talking about porn


If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't.


my brother in christ please stay away from children wtf


what's the link


gg bella giocata


sti bastardi


all cause these guys could only figure out how to buy btc on coinbase lol

Locked Utopia2023-07-12

Hope they get their skulls crushed slowly.


That sucks. Well hit Anonymous1759 on tgram for your dark stuffs


They go through all this trouble to get some wankers but dont do shit to take down all the darknet junkie pushers who peddle drugs to kids or the markets themselves who sit open for years at a time making millions off the misery and death of others. Pathetic.


Nigga did you read this site? You sound like an ugly pedo sympathizer to me. We kill mfs like you in jail.


Man that's kinda crazy how they let that one guy off with only money laundering, and one other guy off pretty easy. There's no consistency in their sentencing... I wonder if they are just lazy and unfair or if they have actual, underlying reasons based on offenders activities, personalities, or threat level assessment.


some of these guys are into some absolutely twistedly sick shit, thats why i never look for darknet porn. seen a video of a toddler maturbating with a real bloody knife once. some of this shit is demented; and some humans get off on mocking and defeating innocence.


"some of this shit is demented".....a very very small part, and sexuality has nothing to do with guilt


it's so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah, i'm new and was browsing sites via the wiki. never again do i visit anything related to media content. fucking hell.


Yeah be safe, dark web is nothing but links of nasty shit, only good things on here are ways to ethically hack


fucking government I swear, Selling drugs gets you life in prison but, fucking kids and having content of it gets you up to 15 years in prison and supervised fucking release??? this is some bullshit. I bet most of the employees in the government probably does the same shit too.


im like batman but instead of fighting crimes i fight these type of worms

Your mum2023-07-16

Fuck the gvernment. They have their noses deep in child pornography shit


Let those nasty mother fuckers rot.


Sickos bring heat on all of us


Raise hell on them There should be a special kind of punishment for them to terrify the other like-minded psychos.




the only dark web fuckers i would snitch on to LEO, and never feel bad about it


Murder is too good for these vile subhuman beasts - we have to immediately implement the absolute cheapest and swiftest executions by death penalty, complete surrender and liquidation of all their assets (proceeds going to child services & treatments), arrest anyone close enough to them (or familiar enough that the know or even Should have known) for aiding or being an accessory to cp, and before they are killed, torture them. Nothing is too brutal for these viruses.


amen to that

Anonymous. X2023-07-28

This is bullshit


Fuckin bring back the brazen bull for these sick fucks. Record the whole process from start to finish and replace the videos they distribute with those and a message at the end of if your watching this your next. How the hell does scum of the earth like this get 5 years and monitoring when the children involved get a lifetime of mental torture. Like what the fuck is that about! Meanwhile some dude caught selling pot is sitting in jail for the last 25 years waiting on his first parole hearing.... how does that make sense? On top of this shit you hear oh its not their fault, they are sick and need help... WTF maybe you pieces of shit who believe that might think differently if it was you on the other end of that camera. This shit pisses me off so much that they get away with this shit, what the hell does that say about us as a society or the human race for fuck sake. Bullshit 100% fucked up bullshit


they all deserve life sentences

ur mum2023-08-06

Pedos deserve the rope. Kill all pedos

Edeficioloco 2023-08-06

They should rot in hell. The government should investigate those sites way more, than the marketplaces or news.


Yes let them rot

Leon S.2023-08-12

Wow... Are yall like.. actually sincere with your hate towards the ones arrested? I mean .. pretend for just a moment ... that you are not even from this planet ... & you quickly came to the surface just to check it out & you didn't know ANYTHING about anything... & you notice this one group... forcing this other group into a max security prison... & then yet another group who's like ... super forceful & violent & threatening that group & you can't 'really' understand the reasons.. They try & explain it & show you their hard drives ... & you just see this planet's species on the screen taking their clothes off & reproducing with each other ... & you just can't figure out the actual 'problem' & your only established theory you can become led to is the 2 other groups targeting the one group are into harming/ forcing/ killing people but your not from this planet so to YOU ... even THAT .. isn't really a 'problem' your just like "Hey man .. if that's what you like... that's alright!"

Leon's conscience2023-09-07

seek help.


Have any of you actually like.. ever bared witness to the actual content (Video files. still images) that I believe they are specifically mentioning on this topic? I mean... as far as I know... maybe I've only witnessed the tippy top of the ice berg of what there is to witness out there but from what I've been able to access my own self, out of sheer curiousity & wanting to gain an understanding of what this type of material actually entails..It's merely video files (.mp4 .wmv .avi ect...) & these video files usually depict some sorta little girl ... single digit aged little midget chick... by her self with some smart phone or other video capture capable device that she struggles to stand still against something... finally after she figures out how to prop the device up & stay like that, she shows the camera lens the act of pinching the lining of her little pair of pants she has on & then pulling em' down so the camera can see what her little pooner area looks like... that's it.


sexual predators deserve much worse than prison, they deserve torture, what they do will crush the human soul and ruin a persons life forever. It will likely curse them to relive the horror and become sexual predators themselves. Commonly, a victim of this kind of abuse is terrorized to the extent of being unable to fight back against the abuser. There is no greater evidence that someone possesses no conscience than for them to do this. Their evil is self-evident. to sexually abuse another is without a doubt the most horrific thing a person can do and we should stop considering prosecution altogether when they OBVIOUSLY possess no civilized manner whatsoever just like a rabid animal. Human beings deserve fair representation and their day in court, these fucking animals do not. makes my fuckin skin crawl


Im happy to se most people who left a comment on this post (Being in the deep web) Seem to be completely against sites like this. im also happy to see that the government's able to arrest this sick fucks despite 'being hidden'. Stay safe guys.


Hola me gusto :)


2y 9m? 1y 6m? Seems like they are accused of punching someone.


So... If you actually HAVE witnessed what this type of material actually looks like... & how most of it is produced.. (The midgets recording themselves) & then the videos that they create making their way onto these parts of the internet where people are able to download/view them.. I personally can't help but ask ... like "What's the problem??" Like ... who's the 'criminal'? It's literally just little girls getting undressed .. maybe pushing a pencil or something up their pooper or fiddlin' with their pooner a little bit by themselves in a video that they captured themself & uploaded somewhere where it then became copied & circulated everywhere for anyone to see... Like What the problem is?? Anyone able to fill me in on that one? enlighten me on where I forgot to mention what & flew right over my head? Help me out on this. I'm all ears. Holler atcha boy. I'm totally interested to learn where it's somehow ok to punish niggas for looking at video files. That were created by midgets.


They should burn, amazed by how some of them got away with such short sentances.