178 Arrested in South Korea for Buying Marijuana on Internet

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Police in South Korea arrested 178 people for buying or selling marijuana through the internet.
The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) arrested 178 people for buying or selling marijuana through the darkweb or social media. The arrests are the result of an ongoing crackdown on internet-based drug trafficking.
Police seized 12 kilograms of marijuana, 136 grams of synthetic marijuana, and 302 ecstasy pills during the operation.

HDR police activities | SMPA

Of the 178 suspects, only 12 face drug trafficking charges. The remainder face charges for purchasing or possessing marijuana. Most of the suspects are between the ages of 20 and 30.
“Police attributed the demography to more opportunities for younger people to buy and sell drugs through the internet and social media. The SMPA has said it will continue a broad clampdown on drug trafficking on the internet through the end of October.”

178 people nabbed for selling, buying marijuana | en.yna.co.kr, archive.is, archive.org

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Uhhh... 178 people over what time period. Neither this, nor any of the original articles say. If those 178 people are over the course of, say 2022, then whatever. If that 178 people at once, then that's mildly concerning. How did they find 178 people illegally buying drugs in a short period of time?

Korean ham2022-08-26

South Korea goes pretty ham with the marijuana laws: up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 50 million won, about $42,556 USD. You’d be surprised what people will admit when facing penalties like these.


Word up milk teas lovas, keep it zipped. Ayo dnl, you onto this story yet? New Jersey man indicted in interstate fentanyl mailing operation - Aug 23rd, 2022 DREAD.onion/post/9750cccc085d4f8bed9f


end the war on drugs


Most asian countries have very severe penalties for cannabis because they have a phobia of individuality. Can't offend the hive.

Chinese Prison2022-08-26



doesn't hemp grow on their border. just plant that shit in a park or something.